Money coach Charly Stoever (they/them) is a speaker and host of the unicorn Millionaire Podcast. They’re a nonbinary Latinx ex-stock broker helping LGBT/BIPOC folks retire early.

Dancing in the streets of Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

I was born in Morelia, Mexico. My parents moved us to rural Washington state when I was 3. I was undocumented until getting my green card at age 14, only after my mom divorced my dad and married a U.S. citizen. Like many kids of immigrants, I went through an emotionally turbulent childhood and witnessed financial manipulation. I inherited the scarcity belief from my parents that there was never “enough” money. I was always a saver because I learned that it was scary to lose money.

My scarcity beliefs led to me learning everything I could about money. I started sharing budgeting and credit card tips with my friends, and then I learned about investing. Despite taking on the typical 9-5 job, I knew that wasn’t the life I was meant for. I wasn’t being paid what I was worth. And I didn’t even have a 401(k) with a solid match until I was 29.

I wanted to set up my future self for retirement without sacrificing my present happiness

While backpacking in Latin America and listening to personal finance podcasts along the way, I realized I wanted to help people like me build wealth. The white supremacist, heteronormative, capitalist system benefits the people that fit into those categories the most. Public education ignores financial literacy. BIPOC and queer people are being set up to continue cycles of financial illiteracy, poverty, and scarcity mindsets – and I want to transform that.

I worked in finance, where I learned how to take advantage of market crashes, and when that happened at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I quit my job, got my MBA, and took the leap to become a full-time money coach.

Now, I’ve transformed myself from someone living in a scarcity mindset to someone who knows they will be financially comfortable. Today, I get to help my clients do the same thing. I’m expanding mindsets, helping people overcome inherited money trauma and lifestyle creep, align their investing so they can live the lives they want now, not decades from now, and achieve financial security along the way.

The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. I’m changing that and making my community wealthy AF! Listen to one of my client’s money coaching wins on this episode of my podcast.

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I’m here to help my community build wealth and crush their life goals.