Episode 76 – How to Be Strategic with Debt Like a Rich Person

How to Be Strategic with Debt Like a Rich Person

Rich people get into debt all the time. They just call it “leverage.” Prince Harry had to borrow money to buy his house in Santa Barbara. The US Government is $34 trillion in debt. Debt isn’t a bad thing, but spending time feeling guilty about it is.

In this episode, I talk about how to be strategic with debt and how it can actually help you grow you build wealth. I share how I think about my debt as a business owner and how business credit card debt is a normal part of doing business. I also share how I help my clients pay off their debt, as well as when and if I choose to take on debt as a strategic move.

As a single income earner who has made $170k in sales since starting my business, I haven’t come across any programs that focus specifically on how the f*ck to manage your business finances. Entrepreneurship is a great way to make more money and retire early, but managing your money can be overwhelming.

Join my Business Finances Con Confianza free class on Jan 18th to learn:

  • How to manage your money like a CEO
  • How I manage my business bank account and business credit cards
  • How to be strategic with debt to grow your business
  • How to prepare for taxes instead of getting sticker shock in April
  • How to use your business to retire early

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About Charly

Charly is a formerly undocumented digital nomad helping first gen clients embody their millionaire selves. Charly’s clients go from feeling guilty and anxious about money to feeling empowered to make money moves and PLAY more. Work 1:1 with them here.

The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. Charly is all about changing that and making our community wealthy AF!

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