Episode 77 – Reflections on Wealth Building while Microdosing 🍄

Reflections on Wealth Building while Microdosing 🍄

In this episode, I share how I’m on week two of microdosing 🍄 and taking an unexpected break from drinking! I decided to try microdosing for a month, which was a big change for me because my Virgo self has had the identity of being all or nothing for so long. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a lightweight. I don’t even need to drink to twerk alone in public, but gimme 2 margaritas, I’ma go to bed!!

A big reason I stopped drinking at first was because the New Year’s alcohol deals ended here in Puerto Vallarta. Then after day 2, I noticed I was having massive sugar cravings because my body had gotten used to the mezcalitas I’d bought with the 2 x 1 mezcal. And those piña coladas with that Flor de Caña rum that I drank in Nicaragua while in the Peace Corps. The withdrawals were a reminder that alcohol is heavily sugar. Oop!

I wasn’t intending to have a dry January, but so far, that’s what’s happened, especially when I decided to try out microdosingNot sure if not drinking is permanent, but so far, it’s what’s happened. I and my friends have also said that mushrooms curb alcohol cravings. Makes sense, since psilocybin has been used to treat alcohol use disorder. 

What’s been hard/annoying has been dealing with social pressure from mostly bartenders to drink. “But you’re on vacation!” one said to me. First, no I’m not, and second, I don’t need to drink to enjoy a vacation. I’d never really microdosed for so long and used to do pretty intense trips. My thought process was “why would you microdose when you can fix so much more with intense trips?” And then I realized they weren’t “fixing” me how I thought they would. So, I thought, why don’t I just microdose and see what happens? It’s helped a lot with my anxiety and to stop overthinking. 

So far, I feel less internal noise and “worse case” thoughts.

I’m leaning more into my creativity outside of just art and realizing that creativity means more than drawing. It means doing things differently and exposing yourself to different people, environments, foods, places, and activities.

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve incorporated doing things differently and I’m showing you how simple it can be once you get started.

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The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. Charly is all about changing that and making our community wealthy AF!

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