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There’s this stereotype that marginalized people can’t afford to invest in themselves and that they don’t WANT to invest in themselves, and that’s absolutely not true. 

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After an emotionally turbulent childhood that included financial manipulation and taught me a scarcity mindset where money was concerned, I was the person my friends went to when they wanted budgeting and credit card tips.

I took the typical “career” route, working a 9-5 job with all that entailed; coworker drama, fluorescent lights, rigid schedules, and not being paid what I was worth. Eventually, I realized it wasn’t the place for me. I spent six months backpacking in Latin America by myself, listening to personal finance podcasts, and realized I wanted to help people like me build wealth.

Despite not having a background in finance, I got a job as a stockbroker. When COVID-19 hit, I was excited the stock market was crashing – I understood how to take advantage of it. Even though, I was only making $40k at the time. I worked a bunch of overtime and put in half my paycheck toward my 401(k) to retire early, so I could quit my “day job,” get my MBA, and help queer and BIPOC people approach the stock market this way.

Financial literacy is very much intentionally excluded from public education systems because the white supremacist, heteronormative, capitalist system benefits from others’ ignorance about navigating the U.S. financial system, whether that be in the form of predatory loans or predatory interest rates. There’s this stereotype that marginalized people can’t afford to invest in themselves and that they don’t WANT to invest in themselves, and that’s absolutely not true. 

I’m helping my first gen clients feel more confident with their money and in their lives because making more money doesn’t take away our inherited money trauma and scarcity beliefs around money. I help my clients align their investing with what they want NOW and decades from now. So many of us are the first to go to college, start therapy, and are the first to have a bank account balance this high. I love helping my clients see the possibilities that await them as they strive for millionaire status!

I’m here to help you transform your life.

Listen to why I’m a money coach for queer/BIPOC first gens on episode 1 of the Unicorn Millionaire Podcast.

And yes, I do work with white people.

My Coaching Method

I use my Millionaire Treasure Map to illustrate the path I take my clients on.

I’ve helped clients achieve financial and lifestyle wins like:

  • reducing the amount spent on recreational activities and investing that money instead
  • going from contributing just 3% of their paycheck to their 401(k)s to almost half their paychecks to their Roth IRA
  • going from making 2k to 20k in their businesses, and helping their immigrant parents invest tens of thousands of dollars for retirement

My goal is to help you prevent lifestyle creep and become confident investing in their future millionaire selves now, where they’re at.

Learn more about my Millionaire Treasure Map here.

I also have masterclasses available to view on demand – click here for more info on my current offerings.
The biggest thing for me from working with Charly was building a lot of confidence around how the stock market works and pulling away the veil of supremacy that prevents people like us from doing the things to build long term wealth.
One of my biggest takeaways in working with Charly is that it’s safe to talk about money. It wasn’t that easy before for me to have those conversations with anybody. I can’t think of a safer space to have those conversations in.
Working with Charly has been such a game changer. I’m always that person for someone else, but I’ve never had a coach to talk about my numbers. Charly is helping me level up and it’s incredible. Now I have a brokerage account and I’m more empowered to make money moves.
I was nervous about investing in a money coach for my business because I still had student debt. Investing in Charly’s coaching services helped me feel confident in knowing that this is the year I’m paying my student debt in full!
Finances are often a taboo subject and Charly made it easy to talk about without shame or judgement. My spouse and I worked with them last year and their coaching helped us make some important decisions and set up a pathway to financial recovery after a crisis.

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