Partnership Opportunities/ Contact

To book a 1:1 call to hire me as your money coach, click here.

For all other inquiries, including:

  • Brand Partnerships & Influencer Marketing
  • Written, Audio and Video Media creation
  • Podcast Sponsorship & Guest Appearances
  • Speaking Engagements & Event Hosting
  • Virtual & In Person Financial Literacy Events

I’m happy to collaborate and share my journey. Whether it be about money coaching, being a formerly undocumented Mexican immigrant turned first generation American, or life as a non-binary digital nomad, I have many life angles that I can speak on.

Send me a message below! I look forward to collaborating. s page

Past Appearances

I’ve been featured in a variety of media online:
 – “Cosmopolitan” 
 – BeLatina News
 – Tamarindo
 – Watch Us Thrive
 – Transcend: The Podcast
 – Early Career Moves
 – Yo Quiero Dinero

Check out this playlist of podcasts I’ve been featured on!