Episode 26 – From 18k in Debt to Airport Lounges w/ Mom Money Boss

Today my money coach mafia friend Nathalia (She/Her/Ella) aka @mom_money_boss joins me to talk about how she paid off 18k in debt, manages her finances as the main bread winner, and more! 

In Nathalia’s words: “I am a self proclaimed Alpha Latina. I am an immigrant to the U.S., a wife, a mother and a chapina dedicated to empowering my community! My passion for financial education was born out of a need to educate myself on my own financial journey. I’m working on finding my inner niña that was left behind in Guatemala, reconnecting with my ancestors, and learning who I am outside the influence of the colonizers.

I eagerly talk about the barriers we face in our communities when it comes to financial education and the ability to create generational wealth. My hope is that by sharing my knowledge and experience, we can break down those barriers and empower you to achieve financial freedom in your lives.”

Hit her up for 1:1 coaching and read her guest post on the blog: Layer of Financial Protection.

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