Episode 34 – You deserve to build wealth!

Today I’m going to talk about how you deserve to build wealth.

I had the pleasure of being on my friend Marnie’s podcast, The Golden Thread. Marnie is a dear healer friend. We’ve already done IG live together in person on money and energy. I met her here in Thailand on a yoga retreat and we got along immediately. One time I was on mushrooms and she wasn’t but we still had a really deep conversation about The Universe. One of the questions she asked me on her podcast that stuck out to me was: “What’s the one thing that you think is stopping people from building wealth?”

I said that it’s the thought that money is evil and that rich people are evil, and that’s just straight up not true. It’s a lie capitalism wants you as a first gen, marginalized person to believe so that you don’t pursue wealth. So that you stay small. This is something I’m super passionate about, as somebody who was told to shut up as a kid, to stay small, to shrink myself, to not be myself ,to not talk about money. To not talk about being queer, to not talk about being trans always don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this and was always just people projecting their insecurities on to me.

So, I wanted to normalize that money is not evil! Money is just energy. It’s a vehicle that people use that flows to you and through you it’s never actually yours because it’s always an exchange. Money is an invention that humans came up with in order to be able to exchange goods way back in the Bible days back when people didn’t have sunscreen people just exchange s***. Oh you got a sugar? I got some pretty jewelry, let’s exchange it!

People just came up with money. All it is it’s an exchange. People attach so much emotion to money. Because of the ways in which our parents talked about money. If you’re listening to this, your parents probably didn’t talk about money until it was urgent and last minute and it was always negative. So, your brain was hardwired to believe: “Oh, money is bad. Equals fight or flight. Equals scary. But it’s time to focus on what we can control and to change our thoughts.

I think the biggest lie I heard growing up was that people don’t change and that’s so not true. People change all the time I’m evolving as a person every single day I’m constantly evolving and challenging my living beliefs and letting go of my past self and becoming the person that I want to be in the future and money is a big part of that. I have a big healing energy and at the end of the day I’m really a life coach. I help people heal themselves through the avenue of money but that’s the first idea that I want to put it in your head: That money is not evil….

Listen to the rest of the podcast episode on how you deserve to build wealth here.

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