financial literacy not taught in school classrooms

Lack of Financial Literacy

The lack of financial literacy education in public schools is intentional and systemic. The white man invented the language of money to exclude us from investing. Luckily for us, we grew up bilingual / code switching. Once we learn the money language, it’s game over.

In my Investing At The Six Figure Level Masterclass, someone mentioned how wild it was that investing is never explained to us growing up. Financial literacy is becoming more accessible today thanks to the power of the internet and social media, but it traditionally has been out of reach for most.

It’s because the rich white men in power don’t WANT us to know about it.

They want us to depend on an employer, not negotiate, be grateful we even have a job, and pretend everything is fine when paychecks are never “stable” to begin with. They’re the shareholders that benefit indirectly from people’s labor.

Employers can fire you at any time, but when we leave, we are expected to give two weeks notice. The US Healthcare system is set up in a way that makes people dependent on their employer. The medical industry (and really any industry) is for profit.

This is the capitalistic system that we’ve inherited against our will. So why not learn how to use this system to learn how to become financially independent?

When we become financially literate, the game is no longer rigged in their favor.

Understanding the language of investing is what gives us power. The rich, white men controlling the GOP don’t WANT us to be as rich as them because then we can buy them out.

Voting matters too, which is why they’re so into voter suppression, but also having the money to donate to political campaigns does, too. Money is what will allow us to support candidates who would rather control gun sales than uteruses.

Money is political. It is a tool. We can use this to build wealth for ourselves. And our community. Once you know how to invest and use the system to your advantage, you can pass your knowledge on to your loved ones.

Latinxs are hella chismosos (nosey) and we are always watching to see what others are doing. Just by talking about money around your family, you can help them broach the subject. Even if you don’t talk about money directly, they are absorbing what you are doing. Use that to your advantage to be a positive example for your family.

Or, chosen family, especially for my queer folks. Really you don’t have to be queer to understand chosen family, but I feel that it especially resonates with queer folks like me who have been rejected by biological family members for being queer. People are watching what we’re doing, so when we lead by example using our financial literacy, that has a ripple effect throughout our communities.

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