Scenic ocean view on vacation in Taiwan after two years of not having one

What my first vacation in 2 years taught me

I made $100,000 in sales in the first two years of my money coaching business, but I hadn’t taken any time off until now.

Things this vacation in Taiwan has taught me:

1. I missed my money coaching clients and am so excited to get back to work with them!! They have taught me so much and I love how they’re taking responsibility for their finances and LIVES. šŸ„°

2. I have to be proactive about taking more time off. Even though being a biz owner comes with dictating your schedule, you will still be thinking about biz when you’re not posting or doing IG lives.

3. This vacation has been a huge reset for me and reminded me of how infatuated I am with travel. I decided to get out of my travel-in-latin-america comfort zone, and I took for granted being a fluent Spanish speaker who can communicate easily with locals. It’s been hard not being fluent in Chinese but the people in Taiwan have been more than helpful and accommodating on this trip. Also, nothing is permanent, and soon enough I’ll be in a place again where I speak the language. I’m enjoying this now.

4. I don’t have to do everything myself. I’ve gone three weeks without cooking anything and this is the longest I’ve gone without it. There’s just too many good things out here to try. Being Mexican definitely helps me tolerate the surprise spice and enjoy beans in everything and mango shaved ice!

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