Episode 12 – Orlenda’s Money Coaching Wins

Happy Virgo season!! Today, my client and budget coach, Orlenda, founder of @peroicandoittoo, shares how my 6 month 1:1 money coaching helped her level up not just her and her family’s finances, but also her LIFE. Orlenda and I have SO much in common. We’re both Virgos, formerly undocumented immigrants, and we love travel. She shares how she became a first time home owner, moving from The Bay Area to Washington State, and the mindset shifts that have happened for her on her way to millionaire status!

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Episode 12 – Orlenda’s Money Coaching Wins

Podcast Transcript Below

Charly: Hello everybody. Welcome to the Unicorn Millionaire Podcast. I’m your host, Charly Stoever. I’m a non-binary Latinx money coach, helping my first gen clients become millionaires. I’m a formerly undocumented Mexican American and currently digital nomad traveling all over the worlds. Super excited to have you here along with me on my journey.

I talk about personal finance, money, mindset, twerking, unicorns, rainbows, you name it. We’re here, we’re queer, and we are going to build wealth for ourselves and our communities.

Charly: Okay. Welcome to my podcast, Orlenda. I’m super happy to have you with us today.

Orlenda: I am so excited. Thank you for having me. Yes.

Charly: How are you doing today?

Orlenda: I’m doing amazing. This weather is something else. It’s been in the nineties, but I’ve been going to the lake a lot. It is like 10, 12 minutes away. So it seems like I just have a pool in my backyard, but it’s not, It’s the lake. It’s still a great time.

Charly: And where are you located?

Orlenda: I am in Washington, about 30 minutes away from Portland. Beautiful.

Charly: I’m so happy you’re here and talk about this journey. And before we started record. I asked you how you were doing and you were like, I’m good. And I was like, Isn’t it weird to legit be good? You’re not just saying you’re good, but you’re like actually feeling good.   

Orlenda: Actually feeling good and relaxed to a point where it’s like, Is everything okay? Am I missing something? It’s like, No, your Virgo self can have a seat, and I know you can relate. Yes. And I’m like, No, this is life now. Like it’s a little bit more slow and relaxed. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Charly: We don’t have to struggle anymore.

Orlenda: What? My goodness. I know. I know. It’s like we have a break now. Yeah, to take deeper breath.

Charly: And I think our eyes get big when we talked about this because we probably imagine that this wouldn’t happen so fast. I thought I was gonna feel like this when I was like retired, like 60, 75, and it’s like, Oh, I’m 31 and I can feel like this now.

Orlenda: Yeah, yeah, exactly. And I don’t know, I get so emotional just because I wanted this for so long. Oh, I wanted this for so long and I didn’t really have a timeline. I couldn’t even see myself in retirement, to be honest. Mm-hmm and to say like, Oh, I’ll feel like this. I didn’t know what this meant. You know, like, I’ll feel a certain way.

Because I didn’t see that in my parents, right? Mm-hmm. So I didn’t know that I could actually be relaxed. At this age, you know? So it’s hard for me to envision that, which is one of the reasons why I was working with you, because I’m like, Okay, how are you living your best life in Mexico at a pool enjoying sunsets?

Like, I want that. And I had been wanting that for a long time. I knew California wasn’t the place for me. Mm-hmm. But I just didn’t it, it was just like hard to see it, you know, because my parents moved to the US for a better future, but for me it was like, okay, I have a lot of opportunities here in San Francisco, but I kind of want to step back a bit and my life to be a little bit more slow, have more space in all of that, and so, It’s been a journey, but you, you’re right, our eyes do get a little bit bigger because we didn’t see that happening now.

Charly: Yeah. We didn’t think it could be this good this soon.

So yeah. I, I wanted to have you on here. I’m already getting chills because we, we work together and I wanted you to share your, your journey with everybody listening, because so much of your story is so relatable. You and I have a lot in common.

We are Virgos. We’re used to getting shit done, doing the most, staying on schedule, like seeing the big picture . Yeah. Um, yeah. And we both were undocumented. Uh, can you talk a little bit about what country you’re from, your parents, your story?

Orlenda: Yeah, I was born in Guatemala and I came to the US at the age of 10, so I’m 31 now, and I’ve been here for 21 years.

And this year I just recently got my citizenship. Yes. Second passport. And I cannot tell you how I just feel a little bit more free now. Like I didn’t think I would just because I have had my residency, but it does, it feels a little less stressed. Um, I am the oldest of four, and so with that comes a lot of work or I have signed myself up.

That’s what my therapist had said. It’s like, Okay, Orlenda, but did someone. It’s your job. I’m like, No. But, uh, as the oldest I think it is, and you know, so like going through that, um, I used to live in San Francisco and this year just moved to Washington. So that’s a little bit about myself. I was very deep in debt, about $30,000, and it took me a year and a half to get out from.

Um, and can I just say that I didn’t get out of debt because I wanted to get out of debt and I was like super stressed, which I was. But how I got out of it was because I wanted to save money for my wedding and can you believe that? And so we did that with my husband and had a wedding in Costa Rica, and then I realized after my honeymoon, Wait a second, if we can save money for that, I can also get myself out of debt.

And that’s how that happened. Sometimes people think like, I don’t know. That it’s like you’re just so stressed and, you know, it leads to like getting out for me, it’s like it was something fun that I wanted to do and I proved myself that I could. Mm-hmm. Um, so if that ever helps anyone, like prove yourself that you can get like that one laptop that you want or that one trip, and then use that same strategy Yeah to like pay off one credit card.

Charly: I think you use the word fun as not a word a lot of people use with their debt payoff, but I think when you make things fun, it just becomes easier and easier. And you’re a budget coach as well. You prove it to yourself and you help other, mostly women of color do this for themselves as well.

Just proving that it’s possible

Orlenda: Proving that it’s possible. Yes. Yeah.

Charly: And day to day, we’re proving new shit is possible for ourselves as well.

Orlenda: Oh my goodness. Like sometimes I find myself like texting you and say, Hey, this happened. Has this ever happened to you? It just feels so alone in these streets, you know?

And just to have someone else, and you are so relatable, like, The main reason why I worked with you is because like I can go to you and say like, Hey, just because we have walked, you know, a little similar path. Um, and I think that’s just a beautiful thing about working with a coach. You can relate. Yeah.

So thank you for that.

Charly: Oh, thank you. You were one of the first clients that I worked with when I decided to move from three month coaching to six month coaching. So what was going on financially and mentally for you, uh, and why did you decide to work with me?

Orlenda: Um, so I was going through a lot of like something like ready for that next step. Mm-hmm I had been teaching myself how to get out of debt for such a long time and stop living paycheck to paycheck and building an emergency fund, and that took me so long that I knew the second step was investing and thinking about my future.

And I didn’t want that to take as long. And I remember having a call with you and thinking, Okay, I know I wanna work with Charly, but I just dunno when. So I say, I’ll circle back. And that same day I texted you, What am I waiting for? Time is money. Let’s start now. And we literally started the following week.

I’m like, Yeah, when can you get me in ?

Charly: You were like, Time is money actually.

Orlenda: It really is. See, here’s, I was the oldest, um, and us not really knowing us as in my family about investing and how we can get ahead.

That was really something that drove me to also work with you because my mom had money, like I knew. Let me back up a little bit. You had a workshop last summer about how to open a Roth IRA. Mm-hmm. I attended that and learned so much. So if you’re watching, I think Charly still has the workshop in their website, so go watch it.

That led me to open the Roth IRA for my mom, and so we had money there. We had, uh, I tried to invest $6k. Yeah, by myself, but I didn’t know what I was really doing and so I wanted to work with you because we had $25K in there by then when we started working. And I’m like, We really need to know how to do this.

Um, so that was like the other thing that I wanted to, to work on like super fast. And you just attract like. I was gonna say, I attract amazing people, but am I calling myself amazing? I kinda am. Yeah. You’re you’re like, just so amazing and I’m like, I wanna work with you. Uh, so yeah.

Charly: Yeah. And I like how you mentioned that you had done the saving thing so long yourself, and I think that’s something that we were raised to think that we had to just save money and budget and like punish ourselves if we didn’t do it, or if we asked for help.

But then you shifted that and went from hold up. I don’t have to do this alone anymore. I can literally hire somebody to help me make this process faster and not. Fixate on saving my money, but literally having it grow itself in the stock market or with my business or both. And that’s what we’re all about is increasing the income streams and no longer just budgeting and being restrictive with bringing more money in.

Orlenda: Yeah. We both have in common that we worked with Kat del Carmen. Mm-hmm she, uh, was amazing, uh, business coach. And so I remember you mentioning in one of our group sessions that you sold some of your stocks to pay for her.

Charly: Yes, that’s right. Yeah. Um, my Tesla stock $3,000. Got rid of that shit. Yeah.

Orlenda: And so when I heard that I was like, Wait a second, I am missing something over here, I’m okay right now. I’m doing good right now, but I need to make space for whatever life comes. or throws at me in the future, and I don’t wanna be struggling. I don’t wanna be wondering if I wanna do it or not. And to have that option of like, Oh, let me sell this and purchase this because I really need it at this time.

It’s something that I wanted to also learn, which is another reason why like, Hey, Charly, time is money. Let’s start now.

Charly: And how has your money mindset changed since working together? Like did you even know like what money mindset was or how was that? Just literally just talk about money mindset. Cause we didn’t dive right into the numbers or investing into like month three or four.

Orlenda: Yeah. And I think I came in strong too, right? I’m like, so hey listen, uh, my mom has $25K in her IRA and I need to know how to invest it like now, like yesterday. Um, so, and you’re like, Hold up, uh, let’s pause let’s talk about money mindset.

Hello. Um, you’re probably like, what the…I’m like, Charly, I already know this. But you know what the thing is that as I’ve never had someone to speak money with before, aside from family, and so that was different. It was very liberating. It was so liberating to talk money with you and so. Um, wait, what was the question?

Charly: Just like how did your money mindset shift, or did you realize that it was something even worth talking about instead of just diving into the numbers and the how to’s right away?

Orlenda: So I felt very liberated, like talking about money with you, and one of the things that changed was that we can make shit happen Now, I know you and I were talking about, uh, going to Italy and then getting you on a yacht and just living your best life, and I kept saying, Oh yeah, when like, we’re 40, 45. And I, and after saying it a few times, because I don’t think you told me the first time, you’re like, or Orlenda, Why are we waiting until we’re 40?

We can do that right now. And, and I, and I said to myself, Oh my goodness, we, we can, Why do I keep waiting? Yeah. Why do I keep waiting? And so that was one of the things that really changed the game for me. Um, Going back a little bit too. I know. I think you and I started working together in October, early November.

And so by that time I knew that I wanted to move from San Francisco to Washington and a bit nervous and also, uh, husband wasn’t really on board yet. He was nervous as well. But, um, I had a dream. And the dream, I remember that I moved to Texas. Which I wouldn’t moved to Texas. But my dream, that’s what it told me.

And that I would fly to, um, San Francisco to see family and friends. And I think I had a conversation with you that also like helped me make the move again with the idea of like, You don’t have to wait that long. You can make it happen now, and that has changed so much for me. I don’t have to wait and see.

That’s the problem with me where I’m like, I need to have everything lined up and everything mapped out to make the move because I get so nervous. And also I am the first one in my family to do so many things. Yes. And so it’s scary. I, I keep questioning myself. Um, but when I have like someone like you and you telling me like, Orlenda, you can do it now. You’re good. Or Orlenda, you know, like, that has changed so much for me. Yeah, like you’ve done so much hard shit before.

Charly: It’s important to recognize how much we’ve done because we’re used to being bad asses and we surround ourselves with bad asses, so we discount all the amazing things that we do.

Orlenda: And sometimes you just need another person to be like, Actually, you’ve done amazing hardship before. Keep doing that. Yeah. And you did keep saying that we have gone through so much and we can do this. And when you look at it like that, it’s like, hold sec. You’re right. That was much harder , uh, to do.We have overcame a lot of things. Yeah.  

Charly: Also take advantage of very low interest rates to buy a house. Like you got interest rate at like 3% or so. So amazing.

Orlenda: Charly, listen, I moved so quick. Like when I had the dream, I booked a flight, then put a down payment on that house. Yeah, I had an interest rate of three point one, which is around doubled now. And it changed so quick. Timing was impeccable .

Charly: Yeah. You made all of this happen so fast, like we just started working together and all of a sudden you’re like realizing, oh shit, I don’t have to wait. And then everything was just unleashed and I see you flying back and forth and taking your doodles to the lake.

Orlenda: But just having, you really helped me not be scared in reassuring me that I was making, you know, the right decisions for myself like I was, you know, good. And that I didn’t, again, you know, have to wait. But yeah, it was just so helpful. The timing that you and I started working together was such a perfect timing.

Charly: But I remember it wasn’t all like rosy. You were going through a lot of grief as well because you were, you were crying, you’re still going to therapy and processing. You’re like, Charly, why do I feel so sad to be leaving? This is literally my dream that I’m living. Why am I so sad? Oh my goodness.

So that’s something really important to talk about cause we’re grieving the loss of our past selves as well.

Orlenda: That has been so difficult and, uh, for everybody listening, I made the move April 22nd of this year, so we’re talking about three months and a half in from the move. So a lot of the feelings that I’m about to say are still true.

I have been going to therapy for two years now, and so that has helped me, uh, process my feelings. How all of this started, um, was I lost my bearded Dragon in February, and so I was super sad. I didn’t think that I would be that sad. And then I went to therapy. And I said, Listen, I lost my bearded dragon.

And I just keep crying and crying and crying. And in reality, yes, I was sad about my bearded dragon, but it wasn’t my bearded dragon that was causing me, causing me to cry so much. And as you mentioned, it was, uh, the grieving that I was going through and the move that was about to happen and you know, it’s a, it’s a life that, um, my, some people can only dream to have.

And so I felt so selfish, crying and kind of, um, like, why am I feeling sad? I should be excited. And so, um, but again, it’s not, you know, something that happens to just anyone. And then, um, I was leaving my family behind, so I felt guilty about that because then that meant, or that means I am living my dream, but also my parents have dreams and they aren’t able to make it happen.

Orlenda: Yeah. And so I feel guilty about that. And even after making the move, me enjoying so much of my relaxation or, or my trips to a trail, a lake felt so selfish. Feels so selfish. Uh, and so I cry about that. It’s hard. It’s hard. I didn’t, I knew that in the first months I had to have my calendar a little bit open so that I could go through the transition of like unpacking and kind of letting my body settle.

But guess what? That happened quick. What I didn’t prepare for was more crying after I got. Because of the guilt. Because of us like being separated because the other thing I didn’t realize that I had to bring to therapy was last time I was separated from my mom. Okay. I’m 31 and it sounds like I’m 18 or something, but like I separated from my mom was when I was nine, turning 10, and my mom moved to the US.

So my parents came here first and my sister and I stayed behind for about 11 months until all of our paperwork was ready to come here. And so I remember that being hard on me at 10 years old. And so a lot of that is coming up right now. And then that is hard.

So I’m still like processing all of those emotions. Um, so it hasn’t been, Yeah, unicorns and rainbows.   

Charly: Yeah exactly. Like you still feel low even when you’re living your best life. There’s still those low points, and then I feel sad. I’m like, Oh, this is probably my five year old. Me coming up and just looking at my life and saying how awesome it is that I feel that survivor guilt.

It’s like, Oh, other people have it bad. I should. I should, I should, but we can’t let those shoulds consume us and we just gotta keep living our best lives as well. There’s a balance and that’s why therapy is super important. I dunno who I’d do without therapy.

Orlenda: Same. I, That’s where I learned that. It’s okay.

Okay I know you might really be able to relate to this, but I hide my feelings a lot. So, Cause we’ve had to. There you go. I’ve had to  put them under the rug and be okay for other people. Um, or to not be asked questions. And so that happens a lot right now. And so the unlearning of so many things, but unlearning of this has been being okay.

Like I’m gonna have my low points even when I’m living my best life and just creating space for that has helped me tremendously. Like, don’t me talking to myself, like, don’t rush to feel okay. Like, just go through the feeling. Just go through it. It’s gonna be okay. It’s temporary. Yeah.

Charly: There’s that balance of don’t rush to pretend you’re all good, but then also like, I don’t have to wait to live my best life. Mm-hmm. So it’s this, this balance that we’re all learning and juggling a lot sooner than we thought we would.

Orlenda: Yeah. It’s beautiful.

Charly: Yeah. So I remember you mentioned that. When we started working together, mom had like $25 Gs in her account.

You’re like Charly, we need invest this shit yesterday. So what really happened after the six months? How’s your perception of investing changed?

Orlenda: Oh my God, yes. Yesterday. Um, I feel so much. Uh, comfortable. Okay. I’m so excited about this because I used to like, you know, transfer money to my emergency fund and then pay the bills and do all of that, but now I have added that extra step of transferring money to my investing accounts.

With my mom it’s like separate, right? But with mine I see that I transfer more and that I’m aware of where that money is going. And so that is really exciting and that is really cool. And that has added like another layer of feeling, not stress, but more freedom even.

Like, I don’t see the freedom now, but I see it in the future. You know what I mean? You’re like, duh.

Charly: Yeah. Yeah. I keep talking. Speaking my language.   

Orlenda: Um, yeah. And so, you know, hopefully in the future I, anything rises like I, I. I know that I’m gonna be taken care of, you know, and that I’m not gonna be like, I’m not gonna rely on my kids to be my retirement plan.

And I could just continue living my best life. And I really root in that. I’m like, I just wanna live my best life. Um, but I have to start working on it now. And so, yeah, that was important for me.

Charly: I think that’s something shifting with us where we’re used to the instant gratification of buy physical things, get the thing in front of us, or buy the trip now live in the now.

But it’s important to think of the future. We can live our best lives now, but also like the government’s not gonna take care of us when we’re 70. Social security checks are a joke even now. So Lord knows that Social Street security will probably not even exist by the time we’re like 70. Yeah. So, yeah, we have to have our own backs and, and set ourselves up for the future.

Orlenda: And Charly, I don’t ever wanna go back to survival mode. It’s been, you know, overcoming that now I never wanna go back. And so just continuing to do that. And anything that I learn, my sisters are open to it, like I pass it down onto them. So this is why I’m super, super grateful for you. It’s because you haven’t just helped me, but helped my mom.

And then helped my sisters who are now starting to get internships that are paid and learning how to like manage their money. And then that’s just changing my family tree.   

Charly: And you helped your mom also negotiate a raise as well. It’s like all around you. You’re helping your family, if anything, just by modeling what you’re doing. They’re watching.

Orlenda: Having the money conversations for sure. Um, I know sometimes I think they’re not watching, but they are. I keep talking about how I negotiated my salary and then my mom went and negotiated her salary. So one of the things is, I want her to be like comfortable and have her make her own choices.

Right. I’m so glad that she’s like picking up on it. I’m like, Mom, you might be losing money. But you know, the other thing is that she’s also having, uh, conversations about her salary. With the rest of the caregivers that she goes to the park with. And so I’m like, Oh, damn, mom. So you do have money conversations outside of the house.

What? And uh, I’m new to having money conversations because not everybody’s open to it, right? I have tried in the past and the people just shut down and I’m like, Oh, okay. No, not here. got it. Yeah. . . Sorry. . It’s here. We’ll try again another time. Um, but yeah, so they are watching, and my sisters pick up on the negotiating skills too.

Um, so sometimes they don’t negotiate like money if it’s like, not money, but they negotiate time, you know, deadlines and stuff like that. So having the conversations, man, it really changes, changes everything.

Charly: Seriously. Um, and what’s been your biggest transformation?

Orlenda: Oh my gosh. Um, okay. Moving states. I was doing this by myself.

Like it was my idea, basically because my husband, like he’s very supportive, but also very like, Oh, I was born in San Francisco and I’ve lived here and I don’t wanna move. And I’m like, Well, let me break it down to you. Look, listen, if we move, this is how much we would have extra. We could have a home. We can elevate our lives.

Like how cool would that be? And we could still travel like. Why not? And so when we broke down the numbers right, he really, uh, said, All right, I’m on board. But that still kind of led me to do the work of like, Oh, okay, well let me ask someone. How have you done it? So I think that the support that you gave me, um, it’s been like one of the biggest transformations moving states.

But this is the other thing. Okay. So I couldn’t just choose one. The other thing is investing my mom’s money. That is not, that’s a transformation that I’m gonna see in the future, but I’m taking care of it right now. Because that’s gonna be super helpful for my sisters and I’m super excited about that.

Okay. And you’re not ready for this one. Okay, Because I wasn’t ready for this one, but remember when we were looking at my 401k? Mm-hmm. , and we were exploring like, You asked me or Orlenda, Well, do you have a Roth 401k? I’m like, Uh, can you repeat the question, ? Yeah. What, what does that mean? Um, and so I had the option of um, uh, having a Roth 401k.

And so now we’re investing in that right now. Right? So that’s another thing that I think it’s a big transformation. In the future that I’m gonna be super, super grateful that present Orlanda took care of that, right? Yeah.   

Charly: And you contributed more of your paycheck as well, which I see time and time again.

Like all my clients that usually end up increasing their 401k contributions, cuz that’s money that’s right outta your paycheck. You don’t have to worry about investing it after it hits your bank. And it’s a no brainer.

Orlenda: Yeah. I was contributing, um, that’s the word, right? Contributing. Yeah. 3% because I was getting like the match from my job.

That’s what I felt comfortable with cuz I didn’t know what was happening. And then, uh, we started working together and I raised that to I believe 5%. And then afterwards, after I got my raise. Another conversation about salary will come this fall for sure, because inflation is nuts.

It has changed ever since I had that conversation, so I’m so excited. I’m like, let’s not leave money on the table. Let’s keep talking about this, which I have more to say about that, by the way. But let me finish my thought here. I was, um, where was I going with. Oh, and then we stopped, um, working together and then I raised it again.

It’s just made me feel more comfortable knowing where my money was going. After our six fricking months together, I’m like, Oh, you wait, . No. Now, like that is my driving for any raises that I do and for my move too, because now I know how to invest, so I want more money for me so that I can invest. And so hopefully retire early.

Charly: Yeah for sure. You not only increased how much you’re putting from your paycheck 401k, but you also realized that you could change the investments because somebody told you what to do. And then when we explained that, I was like, Are you sure you wanna invest in this? Like this is what’s going on. You were like, Actually no, let’s change it up.

Orlenda:. And you know what, Charly, that came from, um, a conversation that we were having over lunch and this person volunteered herself to help me. And I’m like, Yes, girl, help me. They didn’t explain anything, but they just kind of like said, I should continue doing something that I didn’t really feel right.

But I also didn’t know any better. And so I came to you and I’m like, Hey, this is what she told me. And then you like totally just didn’t tell me what to do, but just like explained all of this shit and I’m like, What that is exactly what like I wanna do and started like piecing the things together.

And yeah, we did a lot of changes to my 401k, so thank you for that. 

Charly: Yes, of course. All your monies right and left. All about understanding and empowering. I was never like, No, you should do this and call it a day. I don’t, I believe that’s dangerous, especially if people are recommending you to buy a specific stock or fund or whatever.

I don’t trust anybody. You have to understand what’s going on behind the scenes, what my debt situation is, everything before you even talk about making a recommendation. So that’s like important to know what the options are of the menu.

Orlenda: Exactly. And so I, when we’re talking about like biggest transformations, like one happened, you know, right now, and then the other two are things that we did now for our future selves, but for anybody listening and like wanting to invest on a money coach, like do it.

If you are like gravitating towards Charly, like do it the investment that you’re doing now, but the return that you get, I’m getting chills because it gets me so excited. Like I understand everything and I can meet my goals and you know, like just to have someone that gives you all of that education and guidance.

Oh man, it’s just freaking amazing.   

Charly: Aw. Yes. I’m getting chills listening to you.   

Orlenda: You’re awesome. Get chills. So are you fell over though. So many chills. Oh my god. . I just love our conversations. They’re just so expansive. And I feel, and I feel so seen and understood, and man, I just, I keep telling you this, but I’ve, I’ve just been so tired of doing things alone.

And figuring it out by myself. I’m just so tired. It’s so nice to just have someone else that is there, that have gone through it and can guide you and you can ask questions. It’s just incredible.  

Charly: Yeah and I really miss one on one coaching. My last one on one coach is Kat and we stopped working together a year ago, but yesterday I hired a writing coach and I’m so excited to have a one-on-one coach cuz it does hit different than group.

Orlenda: It is right. Congratulations. Thank you. I know that I’ve been absent and I saw that and I’d be like, Oh my gosh, the world ain’t ready. Okay. Yes. Ready by this niche, bitches, . Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to see what you create.

Charly: Thank you it’s been amazing. It’s because we’ve done all this work of investing in ourselves and therapy and asking ourselves what we really want out of life, and the tears and the healing and the crying, and all the sharing of experiences.

The biggest thing holding me back from starting the book was do I think my story is worth telling? And then I was like, of course it is. If I believe in my community, my clients, my chosen family, I’d want them all to write 10 books. So why am I stopping myself?

Orlenda: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because sometimes we haven’t had like the best people in our past lives, you know, that have told us or have put us like in little boxes, but we’re meant for so much more.

Sometimes it’s, we are stopping ourselves for sure. So congrats.  

Charly: Thank you I’m super excited and I have so much more time freedom than I’ve ever had in my life. I thought I’d write a book when I was retired again, when I was 60, 70. I’m like, I have the time free time of a retiree. Might as well get these books started.

Orlenda: Yeah. Oh my goodness. Now is the time the. It’s now.

Charly: So going from biggest transformations, it’s so amazing hearing you talk about these. What about any little micro moments in your day to day that have changed, that have had an impact on your daily experience?

Orlenda: I remember during the time that we were working together, we created a Pinterest board, and you told me, Orlenda, what would your life look like?

And I had never done one of those. I have done like vision boards for the entire year, but not necessarily what I wanted my life to look like. And um, so I’ve taken a lot of those things. For example, embodying my million dollar self right now. And what does that mean for me? Um, It’s a both lipstick and like an earring that I really like or wearing colorful clothing, but I’m on black today, but I have a little bit more of those in my closet.

So like little things like that. I also created like an outdoor space, um, so that I can journal, eat there, it’s like something different. I have like view of the trees and stuff like that. Like that really changes how I feel. And I was there before I came on here. So me showing up here, I told you I’m like so relaxed and then I’m like looking up in the sky.

I’m like, Oh, why am I so relaxed? Like why am I questioning it? But I love that I’m practicing things Yeah. That I haven’t had before so that I can start being okay with being relaxed. It’s funny, um, I like taking my pups to the park, um, in the mornings and walking them. It’s like time for them, a time for me, and it kind of feels, it, it is a lot of like self-care because I’m not rushing into my day and it’s like I come first and then will, will happen like my nine to five and by emails.

I guess the more I say it, it’s a lot of like the feeling, because I grew up a lot of, uh, moving like this and things need to get done like asap. Um, but I’m also tired of moving like this and doing things asap. I’m like, I can relax things could wait. Good way. So a lot of, like what I do also has to do with like, me feeling like zen and me feeling, um, filling up my cup a little bit more.

And so those things have helped me a little bit and, um, not feeling stressed because when I fill out my cup, then I feel less stressful sometimes. What used to happen right back in the day is like the stress would come up, like the anxiety would come up and it’s like, Oh, okay, well why am I feeling so like.

Like over here, like I’m doing the motion, but, uh, what would you call that you like strangled up to here?

Feeling frustrated of something like Yeah, like very frustrated. And so I would shop and then that’s what got me into that. Um, and so, But when I’m more relaxed, then I, I’m not looking for, what is it, materialistic things to fill up a void. But I’m taking care of me. Did that answer your question?

Charly: Yeah. And I’m just like, Yeah, that’s anti-capitalist as fuck. Cause capitalism prefers the other Orlenda, the how to go, go, go and was stressed out. And once you had a second and did process your thoughts and your childhood  trauma, oh, time to go buy something and feel better, but still feel like crap because I’m in debt.

Like that’s the perpetual cycle that capitalism loves, that we finally recognized and were breaking free from that. And I also relate to the fact that I also catch myself as, Cause as a kid I was also. If you’re bored, do something, be productive. And now I’m like, No. I can literally just chill here in the morning without gratitude journal.

I wake up without an alarm. I do breath work and meditate. I’m chilling. There’s no rush anymore.

Orlenda: There is no rush. And the more we talk about it, Which I don’t see a lot of conversations around this, by the way, but, um, or I don’t know if I’m on the wrong side of the internet, but the more conversations, the more conversations we have, then those around us pick up on it.

Right? Yeah. Because my sisters, um, they’re be, they’re being a little bit more chill too. I find them like being, like going super hard. I’m like, Hey. Have you taken a time to pause today? No. Oh, like that’s important cuz then that leads to something else and something else. But those around us, it’s just so important to have these conversations because people benefit from that.

Charly: Yeah, even when I was at the nine to five, I’d always be the first one of all my coworkers to go on the employee assisted plan offered free therapy. So I’d do that, take a mental health day, and I’d be the first to say I’m doing a mental health day. And then I notice all a sudden my coworkers were like, I’m taking mental Health Day too.

Orlenda: Yeah, and we like on my nine to five, we have unlimited ones and we’re like, Oh, okay. Like nobody’s taking Okay. Well, this is why y’all are stressed. Yeah. You know? Yeah.

Charly: I hope you’re taking as many mental health days as your heart desires, you deserve all of them.

Orlenda: Yes, That and I also, when I, um, Oh my goodness. What did I do on my job?

Uh, negotiated. There you go. Sorry, I lose my words sometimes. Okay. When I negotiated my salary increase, I also added more vacation time. So on top of the vacation, I already had, I had more vacation and out, like, I have that so you best believe I’m taking a pause. I’m like, I’m not feeling well today.

So I take a pause and I, that wasn’t me before I, that was not me before. So we’ve come a long, a long way. Yeah. And I’ve been with the same like manager for four years now, so I wonder what they think of, like me not asking for a raise for so long and then showing up this year. I need a raise because of X, Y, and Z.

And also let’s move to having every other week be a three day weekend and let’s add some vacation time. I wonder what she thinks, but it’s just, you know, like when you learn the things that you can negotiate at work and the things that your body needs, man.

Charly: We’re not taught these things. When I thought of salary raise, I thought it was just literally a salary. But like you’re saying, you can negotiate a flexible schedule three day weekend sign on. All of these things that I had no idea until like we took Evie’s salary negotiation coach. She has a group program they both of us took. I wasn’t trying to negotiate my nine to five and I was like, Okay, Evie’s just starting she’s not charging what she should, but I let her raise her prices. Get in on this shit now.

Orlenda: Yes. And again, I was, okay. Can I just say this? Why are we like this ? Of like, Oh, I don’t know if I want to invest in this. Even though we see the value and the return in investment, it’s like, I don’t know. Oh, but the new phone is coming out.

Yeah. It’s about like $1500. I’m totally getting it. Yeah. Like. Okay, but we don’t invest in ourselves. It’s gonna bring us more money than like a $1,500 phone. Yeah. Are you kidding me? And so I was going through that again, and then you talked to me and I was like, You right, you right. . And then yeah, you

Charly: And then you negotiated like a five figure salary increase. And even with inflation, you’re about to again.

Orlenda: So yes. I miss money and then made like my money back five times or so. Yeah. Yeah. We definitely need to invest in ourselves.

Charly: Amazing. And okay, so last question. What result or results are you the most proud of from our time together?

Orlenda: Oh my goodness. Um, what am I most proud of?

Um, I think I came on here and like got so much more than what I was hoping to get. But it’s not like , I just didn’t know, right? Like the results that could happen and everything. But, um, the most proud. I think probably my move, my move and my investments, because I put money. Okay. When I was with you, I still didn’t have a Roth IRA, so I opened up the Roth IRA.

I had my mom’s not mine, and then the brokerage account. So I’m super proud of that and my 401k. Um, Because you really took me from like zero to like, I don’t know what number, but like a lot in understanding and feeling comfortable, uh, managing that. Um, I’m very proud of my move. I feel that you modeling my, your, your life and just sharing so much.

Thank you so much for sharing so much with us. Um, but you just having living the life in, in Mexico and getting your massages, I’m like, I want that. I’m super proud of, um, the move that I made, although it’s been a bit difficult, uh, emotionally, but financially it’s what was gonna work for me, um, and something that I keep reminding myself is that, This is not permanent.

It doesn’t have to be permanent. I can always go back and that makes me feel better. But for now, like this is what I needed. So I’m very proud of those, those two things. And I wanna thank you again for helping me through the process because like I mentioned, I was just tired of doing this by myself, just having you really made this process a bit easier.

Charly: Yeah you don’t have to do it alone anymore. People ask for help and guess what? You might get a return on your investment. Five or tenfold.

Orlenda: Oh my god, are you kidding? So much. Yeah. Yeah. It’s been a magical journey, you know? Know just six, those six months were magical.

Charly: Amazing. Is there anything else you wanna share? I don’t know if you have any master classes or anything else coming up or anything going on.

Orlenda: Yeah I wanna mention, uh, one thing if you’ve been thinking about working with Charly, like. Jump on it. Like whatever you don’t, if you’re nervous about something, like that’s what the sales calls are for.

Bring your questions, Ask anything like before you think that, you know, before you make the investment and you’re feeling nervous. That’s what those sales calls are for, because I made my life so much easier, um, working with you and learning so much. Um, and you can find me at Pero I Can Do It Too. I will be having a budgeting class coming up.

I still don’t know the date, but if you follow me, you’ll see the announcement very soon.  

Charly: Perfect I’ll add your IG to the show notes. Thank you so much. This has been an awesome recap, how it started and how it’s going. Oh my goodness. Amazing day. I’m so grateful.

I’m so excited for future. We’re gonna party on a yacht in Italy sooner than later.

Orlenda: Very soon. Thank you so much for having me, and I’ll see you soon. All right. Bye bye.  

Charly: Happy Virgo season. I hope you enjoyed that episode. Uh, listening to Orlenda talk about her story and the growth that she made just within the six months of working with each other.

I just loved hearing about her story and her journey is just beginning, which is super exciting. So if you would like to work with me, I am taking one-on-one clients. The link is in the show notes to book that sales call, like Orlando said, to just talk with me and see if working together will be the right choice for you.

And you might not even know what results are possible until you even try. So when you’re ready to start accessing your millionaire Self, I would love to meet with you and talk to you to just talk about the possibilities that are really infinite, that I’m super excited to, to dive into with.

Again, happy Virgo season it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’ll be releasing another episode with another Virgo TBD

All right, and thank you so much to everybody who’s been sharing my podcast. Uh, whether it’s just through word of mouth or, I love it when y’all share on your Instagram stories and tag me so I can reshare.

Please review now that this podcast is also now on Apple Podcast, that one took a while to get ready. Good thing I still have my old iPhone six US because it was a whole ordeal, customer service, getting that on there. And I’m also on Spotify and Amazon. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you so much to all of y’all. This podcast had been so fun to make.

I can’t believe it took me this long to do it, but I, I know why. It’s because we’re all perfect. We’re all told by society that we shouldn’t have a voice or that we shouldn’t put ourselves out there. But once we do it’s game over. We are the ones that need to give ourselves permission to shine and share our stories and connect with others. So I’m super proud of myself and my clients for doing the scary things, for investing in ourselves, not just in those $1,500 phones, but really asking ourselves, what do we want out of life?

And those things can change, but it starts with making that investment in ourselves and truly believing that we deserve to do that.

Because if not us, then who? All right. Have a great day everybody.


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