Episode 67 – How to improve your spending habits

How to improve your spending habits

In this episode, I talk all about how to improve your spending habits so you can retire sooner.

These are 2 types of spenders:

  1. The YOLO/I won’t look at my credit card statements spender
  2. The im-terrified-of-bieng-poor-again-so-l-guiIt-myself-out-of-treating-myself spender

If you’re a YOLO spender, you struggle saying no to overpriced dinners/excursions with friends because you don’t want to upset people. You feel a sigh of relief when someone around you says no because they can’t afford it, and you wish you could be that up front.

The truth is that saying no doesn’t just help your budget now, it will help you have more money to invest so 75 year old you is taken care of. Instead of wondering if you can afford something now, ask, “can my 75 year old self afford this?”

Automate your savings to a specific account that you can only touch for a certain goal, like an emergency fund or trip to Italy.

For those who don’t spend at all outside your needs, I feel you! As a child, I compensated for my family’s emotional turmoil and money trauma by identifying as “the saver.” I didn’t feel like I deserved “everyday nice” things like massages.

As an over saver, remember that life is short and that you shouldn’t wait until you’re 75 to live it. Incorporate a weekly/monthly “treat yourself” event, like a spa day or hiring a personal trainer. See this is an investment in yourself NOW.

51% of people making $100k still live paycheck to paycheck. Making more money won’t change your money habits. I see this all the time with my clients.

Lifestyle creep is real, but so is making more money and still feeling too anxious to spend/invest it.

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Charly is a formerly undocumented digital nomad helping first gen clients embody their millionaire selves. Charly’s clients go from feeling guilty and anxious about money to feeling empowered to make money moves and PLAY more. Work 1:1 with them here.

The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. Charly is all about changing that and making our community wealthy AF!

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