Episode 68 – How to Crush Credit Card Debt

How to Crush Credit Card Debt

There’s nothing wrong with having credit card debt. What matters is taking action on it so you can get on track for financial independence. The credit card industry is a profitable industry that benefits off of people’s money avoidance.

Credit card debt in the US has reached a record of $930 billion.

Paying off your credit cards matters because this is one of the most expensive forms of borrowing money.

You can either use the avalanche or snowball methods to payoff your cards. Personally, I prefer the avalanche method because it tackles the higher interest rate (aka more expensive debt).

Listen to this episode to learn about where to pull the money from and how I helped a client grow her credit score by paying off $30k in credit card debt after a few sessions with me.

Paying off your credit cards helps you retire early. ⁠🤑

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