Episode 30 – How and why to use a credit card to pay for my coaching

I share how to get excited about paying for my 1:1, six month money coaching program with a credit card, and why you SHOULDN’T pay for it in cash.

My coaching helps you compress time and make massive transformations in the 6 months of working with me.

I have helped my clients grow their retirement accounts by 17x, I’ve helped them go from making $2k to $20k in their businesses, and I’ve helped them get excited about the sustainable projects their millionaire selves will achieve.

I share how paying with a credit card is a no brainer. You get points/cash back, making it easier to pay off your investment. I will help you pay it off faster while growing your money with investing.

One of my clients is paying for my coaching with the Chase Sapphire Preferred bonus intro offer, which gives you 60,000 points aka $750 cash back when you spend a minimum of $4k in 3 months. This $750 will help pay off her card faster.

I also share how credit card debt calculators can help you remove the shame around debt and be more strategic. These credit card companies WANT you to ignore your balances, but I’ll help you give these companies less of your money so you can invest it instead. 😈

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