Episode 36 – Destigmatizing the Desire To Build Wealth

Have you ever met someone and just known you two are gonna vibe? Destigmatizing the Desire To Build Wealth and vibing is what’s up on this episode with @Carlathefirstgencoach, who I met in my business coaching mastermind group with Cat del Carmen. In this candid, unfiltered conversation full of joy and laughter, Carla and I rage against the cishet white capitalist machine.

We talk about the why it is imperative for first gen people of color to destigmatize the desire to build wealth. I share my insight on investments and talks about the power of time IN the stock market, how I invested in my Roth IRA even when I was on food stamps, and how you can become am anti-capitalist millionaire.

We also discussed how immigration status, upbringing, and generational beliefs are influencing how we show up in our career choices and money choices. Last, we talk about how important it is to surround yourself with people who will lift you up on your wealth building journey. I had actually never talked to Carla outside of DMs, but when we DID meet, you clicked immediately because of our shared values (and we realized we’re both virgos!)

About today’s guest: Born in Honduras and raised in Miami, Carla Santamaria is a career and mindset coach for first gen WOC. She helps clients job hop their way to six figures by leaning into their strengths and building community. Carla is the producer and host of The First Gen Coach Podcast, and can be found on Instagram at @CarlaTheFirstGenCoach.

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Listen to my podcast episode #36 here.

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