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7 Things To Know When Starting a Business

Here are 7 Things To Know When Starting a Business

This year will be my 3rd year as a business owner, and it’s what I would tell myself when I started my “side hustle” that turned into a full time, multiple six figure money coaching business.

1. You CANNOT do this alone. Selling stock in your brokerage account to hire a latina business coach was hands down the most important decision you made that took you from making a few hundred dollars year 1 to $45k in sales in year 2, to $61k in year 3.

2. All of your personal sh*t, childhood trauma, and insecurities will come to the surface because people will doubt you every step of the way. Those are NOT your people. For every hater, there will be 1,000 people who are cheering you on and thrilled to support you either by investing in your services or referring you to loved ones.

3. Focus on WHAT WORKS. You don’t even need to have it all figured out. Your first year in business, you will PLAY, experiment, and ask for help. You won’t even have a podcast or 412 email list subscribers yet. You will capture people’s attention by showing them that you can be a former stock broker twerking on the beach with your top surgery scars, speaking Spanglish while talking about Roth IRAs. WHAT!

4. You don’t need merch, a VA, or a fancy logo to make your first $100k. You need YOU. Show up authentically as YOU. People want to work with you because you show TF up as yourself, you talk about how you’re queer AF, estranged from biological family, a world traveler, are formerly undocumented, and you twerk your way to showing others that they can and SHOULD access wealth. You’re also NOT for everyone. You’re not Pepsi or Target. You are serving a specific group of people and you need to be ok w/ that.

5. None of your clients will give a F*CK that you have an MBA. No one cares about your resume. They care that you can help them, and you will. You will help your paying clients and you will help the people who consume your ig content, ig lives, podcast, and facebook posts.

6. No matter if you charge $50 or $7,000, there will be people who think you’re charging too much. That’s another thing to know when starting a business. Those people are either a. Not your people or b. They just don’t understand the value of how you can help them YET. There will also be people who DO see the value because it’s your job to show them the value. When they hop on a sales call with you, they WANT TO BE SOLD. You’re not scammy or salesly. It would be one thing if you were sliding into people’s dms randomly to sell them something, but that’s not what you’re doing.

7. It’s going to be possible for you to build wealth by helping first gen, LGBTQ/BIPOC build wealth. And you will also have to clarify that even though you’re latinx, you’re still white, and you DO work with white people as long as they’re down with helping others!

There are 2 ways to work with me: 

My 6 month, 1:1 coaching is for folks who want to take control of their investments and build wealth primarily with investment accounts (see the treasure map here). I teach single masterclasses every few months or so (my next one is on 4/27!) but most of my energy is devoted to my baddie 1:1 clients. The info is all here.

The second is for returning long term clients who have already worked with me 1:1. We meet 1:1 every quarter for an entire year and focus more on building wealth through business coaching. Contact me here if this is you and you are ready to make five figures in your business like my clients @lamalamujerblog and @gloriamalone.

Can’t wait to meet you and get started!

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