Millionaire Money Coaching Treasure Map

My Millionaire Money Coaching Treasure Map outlines the path I take my clients on during our coaching journey.

the millionaire money coaching treasure map outlines six areas to build wealth and become a millionaire with charly stoever unicorn millionaire

We focus on six key money coaching areas:

  • Net Worth: We go through all the details of your current financial situation. It’s important to have a full picture of your debt, income, checking/savings accounts, and everything in between.
  • Money mindset: We deep dive into your relationship with money. What has been your relationship with money growing up and now? You may have some money trauma that is influencing your financial decisions. We’ll work through this and shift your money mindset from one of scarcity to abundance! 
  • Cash & debt: Interest rates and inflation are some factors that affect your cash and debt. We’ll get into your finances and figure out how to strategically lower your debt and increase your cash to make millionaire moves.
  • Credit cards: There are many ways to maximize credit card intro offers and points to get free money and elevate your lifestyle. I’ll teach you tactics that align with your spending style to make these cards work for you.
  • Investing: I’ll teach you about the investing process, breaking down all the different investment vehicles. Then, we will work together to make a plan for you specifically. I’ll show you how I organize my investments. I am not a certified financial planner and will not tell you what stocks to invest in, but I will show you the options so that you can choose what’s best for you. 
  • Entrepreneurship: Do you already have a side business or want to start one? Or, do you want to help your friends by supporting their businesses? Not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, but you can embody the spirit by being the entrepreneur of your life and having the freedom to structure your life on your terms. My business has allowed me to twerk and travel around the world while helping my community build wealth!
When you’re in my coaching program, we meet every two weeks for six months

You also have access to WhatsApp me in between sessions. You can ask me questions. Share any updates. And just know that I’m only one message away to support you in this journey. I’m here to be that money support system you may have not had before and help you take control of your finances to do what you really want to do in life!

our work is customized for your unique situation

The Millionaire Money Coaching Map is an outline for everything that we will work through. I tailor the journey based on your situation. We may jump around, or spend more time in some areas than others, depending on YOUR goals. I’m here to be your guide and walk you through the steps to becoming a millionaire.

Using my Millionaire Money Coaching Map, I’ve helped clients achieve financial and lifestyle wins like:

  • Going from contributing 3% of their paychecks to 50% to a Roth 401(k) where it will grow tax free for decades
  • Investing $50,000 of a $150,000 inheritance after not touching it for a whole year, like Lulu did
  • Feeling guilty and stuck about their money to lending a family member $15,000 to leave an unhealthy marriage and buy a new house
  • Increasing their business revenue from $2,000 to $20,000 by raising their prices in just a few months, like Evie did
  • Leaving unhealthy, financially draining relationships and investing in their own happiness and alignment
  • Communicating their needs and having more intentional money conversations with partners to create that safety they’ve been looking for
  • Helping their immigrant parents open retirement accounts and invest tens of thousands of dollars for retirement (like Orlenda did)

My goal is to help you prevent lifestyle creep and become confident investing in your future millionaire self now. So, book a call with me today and let’s get your millionaire journey started!

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