Thailand temples are great for meditation when thinking about money

Money and Meditation

Money and meditation go hand in hand for me.

Helping clients tackle their money feelings often requires taking a step back and grounding ourselves as we tackle these complex emotions.

So today I want to share with you an awesome abundance mediation that my business coach, Cat del Carmen, shared with me a year ago. I still listen to it several times a week!

I love this abundance meditation because it reminds us that we’re enough! It reminds us to think of all the things we already have instead of feeding into the capitalistic idea of needing to buy more shit to feel better about ourselves.

It’s really helped me ground myself when there’s been a lot going on (as a queer, digital nomad and business owner, there will always be a lot going on). While we cannot control everything around us, there is a lot within ourselves that we CAN control. There is power in relaxing and having that feeling of safety for yourself. 

As a money coach, I’m helping you create safety for yourself. Despite the number in your bank account, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing you have a financial plan and can handle what life throws at you. See how money and meditation are connected?

Creating a sense of safety for yourself starts with feeling grounded – releasing that stress and anxiety that can consume us. When you grew up in survival mode, your brain will easily repeat survival mode thoughts and patterns until you actively work to quiet your anxiety.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between a healthy pattern and an unhealthy pattern. It just knows to repeat what it’s familiar with. That’s why creating new neural pathways is something we have to do to do go from survival mode to thriving mode-more money won’t do this for us.

Grounding is something that is huge for us, especially if you grew up as kids of immigrants and with a lot of trauma.

Grounding myself and being okay doing NOTHING is not a feeling that comes naturally and takes some practice to achieve. But it’s something that I’m now starting to intentionally do in my 30s. I can honestly say that time is flying by faster than it used to, and I’m much less angrier inhabiting my body.

Sometimes I’ll take off my shoes and look for grassy areas outside and just stand on the ground, barefoot. I like to feel the earth beneath my feet. And breathe. I imagine my sternum as an elevator. When I breathe, I imagine that it is an elevator going up from the bottom of my stomach. And then all the way back down. I like to just feel the air going in and out of my nostrils. THAT is being present.

I’ve learned through meditation to just breathe in and do whatever my body tells me to do. And that could mean shaking it out. More often than not, I move my body and even dance around when I’m meditating. Because that’s what my body calls for!

We are NOT meant to just sit and receive information when we could literally shake it out and release that trauma and tension. It feels so good! Try it out, hunty!

You don’t have to go to fancy meditation retreats and spend hours upon hours quietly meditating. But thanks to the power of the internet we can now accomplish the same thing in three minutes.

And it doesn’t have to be a daily thing. I tried to meditate every day and would get down on myself if I missed a day. So now, I do it once or twice a week. It’s not about perfectionism. It’s about doing it the best way to create safety for YOU.

Focus on the why. Why even try meditating?

Because we want to feel grounded and have the anxiety lifted from our chests. To not let the feelings of stress overwhelm us. When we’re stressed, we close ourselves off to decisions that can truly help us live our best lives.

Let’s focus on the money and meditation part. How do we want to feel about our money? It doesn’t have to be a constant source of stress in your life. If we are intentional and strategic with our money, we can set up a path to wealth and security. It’s not just about the numbers, but the emotional freedom we gain. This has been game changing for my clients.

If you are ready to make money moves for your future millionaire self, schedule a call with me!

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