money mindset has helped me travel and make new friends

Money Mindset Matters

Money mindset matters. The way you think and feel about money has an impact in the choices you make. Not just with finances but in other areas of your life as well.

Helping clients shift the way they think about money is one of my favorite things about being a money coach. In my one-on-one coaching program, we dig into your personal history with money. How was money talked about (or NOT discussed) in your home growing up? What are your feelings about money today?

Getting into the details helps us figure out some of the WHY behind our decisions. Now, I’m not a therapist, but as a coach, I do help my clients get over limiting beliefs that may no longer apply to their aligned selves. My job is to help you feel confident about your finances and take actionable steps to achieve your money goals. Money mindset matters in that it helps you build confidence. This confidence can also transcend into other areas of your life.

Such is the case with my client, Nora.

Nora livin’ it up in Miami 🔥

Nora recently completed my six month coaching program and some of her personal finance wins include:

  • Investing in her Roth IRA, 401(k), and regular IRA
  • Learning how to determine if a stock is a good investment for her
  • Opening a high yield savings account with recurring weekly deposits for an emergency fund and an Italy Dream Trip fund
  • Paying off one credit card in full and increasing her credit score by over 100 points

THAT GROWTH IS WILD! But I’m most proud of the life shifts her money confidence has set in motion:

  • Staying consistent with taking care of her health. By having her finances in order, Nora can budget for important things like the gym and physical therapy and ensure they remain a priority.
  • Being more intentional with spending and not feeling FOMO. In the past, Nora would get sucked into seasonal sales like Black Friday and Prime Day. You know that panic feeling that you MUST buy, or you are missing out on all the deals? It’s not true. Capitalism relies on very effective marketing to keep you in the endless spend cycle. Nora is focused on her goals and only buys the things she needs versus trying to find something to buy when there’s a sale. 
  • Embracing her culture. Nora took on a bilingual specialist role while we were working together. She was apprehensive about this role but applied some of the tools that we’d used for financial planning. She journaled out her intentions and found resources to help her (re)gain confidence in Spanish. By listening to podcasts in Spanish and going to Latinx events, she’s immersed herself into Latinx culture. Now, she is flourishing at work and socially as she’s expanding her friends circle too.
  • Bringing her community with her. Nora shares resources and knowledge with her family, coworkers, and friends. She even helped her mom and sister open a retirement account. Knowledge is power, and once you are confident in the subject of money, you can lift those around you too. Even just openly talking about money is a game changer for many.
Having a positive money mindset matters across many facets of life. It looks different for everyone because we are all unique individuals.

Client wins are my motivation to continue doing the work I do. When I was a stockbroker, I realized how achievable it is to be a casual millionaire. And it is my mission to help my people, mostly marginalized folks, whether they be queer, BIPOC, or first gen. Everyone deserves to build generational wealth!

When you’re ready to shift your money mindset, let’s chat! Get on my calendar and let’s make some money moves. 

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