think of your future self and what you want in life

Will Your Future Self…

I regularly think about my future self. Will my future self want me to splurge on a massage that will lessen my recurring back pain? Absolutely.

What will your future self appreciate?

Thinking in this manner has made things easier for me. I can make decisions that align with that sparkly, electric, energetic person I’m already becoming.

“Leveling up” is a term often associated with making changes and money moves. I don’t like the hierarchical language of “leveling up” or being “higher vibe.” Instead, I like the visual of seeing us as frogs on lily pads. We’re just jumping from one lily pad to another, and we’re on level water. Evolving isn’t better or worse, it’s just different.

Embodying your future self means you are stepping into alignment with yourself and not everyone will choose to join you. You’re not leaving people behind.

It’s normal to feel like you’re leaving people “behind” when you intentionally build wealth, but let’s reframe it. People are just choosing not to accompany you. You stop attracting certain people (friends, partners) you used to attract, and start attracting new people that resonate with you in new ways. It’s scary because you are doing something new AND also grieving the loss of your past self who got you here.

You are NOT alone for feeling the survivor’s guilt of being the first in your family to do so much and have access to more possibilities and money than ever.

Our brains are just trying to keep us safe and protect us from harm, and it is completely NORMAL to be scared of doing more for yourself, whether it’s being the first to make the most money in your family or being the first to go to therapy and heal not just yourself but your entire family lineage’s trauma.

Our brains would rather default to the old, comfortable way of doing things, even if it isn’t aligned with our future selves. It leads to self sabotage that we’re not even aware of to keep us small. So when you are faced with tough decisions, ask yourself : what will your future self need? How can today’s decisions get me to that future?

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Let’s fuse your money goals with your life goals.

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