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The most rewarding part of being a coach is experiencing client money mindset wins while improving their personal finances. Your feelings about money have a massive positive effect on you and the decisions you make every day. It is one of the key areas we work through during my six month coaching program.

Talking about money is taboo in general, and particularly in marginalized communities. You may have grown up with unpleasant and anxious feelings about money. Through my coaching, we’d work through these uncomfortable feelings. We will have intentional conversations to understand your financial upbringing. I’ll coach you to shift your mindset, focus on how you want to FEEL about money, and embody your future millionaire self NOW.

Charly stoever money coaching client testimonial
“Just because I make the most in my family doesn’t mean I have to take care of everyone. I need to put myself first and then take care of others. I’m much happier than I was a year ago. After investing in Charly’s coaching, I feel safer and more secure with my money.” – Alex

Boundaries, specifically money boundaries, are something we’re finally starting to talk about in our community. Setting boundaries and taking care of ourselves FIRST so that we can better take care of others was a consistent theme during my coaching calls with Alex. These things helped her shift her mindset from scarcity to abundance!

Alex went from feeling like she didn’t know much about investing, to feeling like it was possible to invest while paying off debt. She helped her friend negotiate a raise because she explained inflation to her. She also converted a stagnant IRA that wasn’t doing anything to a Roth IRA and started buying thousands of dollars of stock during a downturn in the stock market.

Most importantly, she is HAPPIER in her life! And that is really why we do all of this in the first place. To ENJOY life more while setting our future selves up for more joy!

unicorn millionaire traveler charly money coaching client testimonial
“One of my biggest takeaways in working with Charly is that it’s safe to talk about money. It wasn’t easy before for me to have those conversations with anybody. I cant think of a safer space to have those conversations in.” – Neeyra

In our 6 months of coaching, @neeyrajazmin unpacked A LOT of sh*t around money. Through mindset work, she realized that every conversation she’d had about money before was stressful. When her parents talked about money growing up, it would typically turn into an argument. So many of us can relate, especially growing up first gen. Personal finance is not a hot topic in our households.

Recognizing that the money anxiety is just a neural pathway that’s programmed is a game changer. That’s when we start to deprogram. Having these conversations without judgement of herself was of huge value to her.

We have preconceived notions about how having money makes us feel “good” or “bad,” and Neeyra learned that we can decide to change these thought patterns. We also worked to destigmatize credit card debt and came up with a debt payoff plan. You CAN pay off debt and invest. She’s also started automated investing so her money can grow itself over time in an easy way.

Client money mindset wins are so impactful that they go beyond just one person. Neeyra is bringing her community with her and has already helped her younger sister open a Roth IRA and is helping her parents in their 50s save for retirement. That’s what is so cool about this work! You can share your personal finance knowledge with your tribe! Watch her talk about more of her results here.

We subconsciously inherit money trauma, and the work lies in creating safety for yourself and taking small actions without fixating on the amount of money you have. I can help you with that.

You can be making six figures or have inherited tens of thousands of dollars and still feel like you can lose it all or aren’t doing “enough” with it. I can help with that.

Schedule your one on one call with me to get started on embodying your millionaire self ahora!

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