Feeling Like You’re Enough is Anti-Capitalist

Anti-capitalist is one of the many words I use to describe myself. I’m a very practical yet idealistic person. I’m a big picture thinker and love contemplating the possibilities in life and analyzing how the world works versus how it should work. 

One of my go-to thoughts is: What are the systems in place that are exploiting people and how can we switch them on their heads?

This fuels my passion for working with marginalized people. I’ve seen firsthand the inner workings of capitalism while working as a tour guide and a stockbroker. It’s my mission to make building generational wealth accessible to everyone and showcase ways to be a socially conscious investor.

I’ve also recently realized (thanks to the help of magic mushrooms) that I am anti-capitalist in other ways.

My existence is anti-capitalist.

I’m a queer, nonbinary, formerly undocumented, first gen, Latinx digital nomad. My identity is multifaceted and some of these adjectives still make some people squirm.

But that’s me! And I love myself!

It’s taken years of hard work, but I’ve learned how to love myself unconditionally. I am enough. And I embrace the many sides of myself. I’m also an artist, dog lover, and occasional vegetarian!

I am more than enough. I’m a badass. A baller.

I’m a representation of other possibilities and multi dimensionality. And most importantly, I’m not afraid of showing it and sharing my message with other people.

And that’s capitalism’s worst nightmare.

Feeling like you’re enough, feeling content, and being and happy are not pillars of capitalism.

Spreading the message of peace and love and exploring multidimensionality are written off as hippie ideas. But isn’t that the point of life? To love each other and feel connected? To love yourself and help those around you?

I now understand why psychedelics were criminalized in the 70s. There was an explosion of consciousness thanks to people exploring multidimensionality. Check out this presentation I led about the ancestral use on mushrooms in Mexico and then criminalization in the U.S. for my Drug And Substance Use Disorder class (yes, I shared my experience with mushrooms during my MBA!). All these young hippies were doing psychedelics, discovering their inner selves, feeling like they’re enough, promoting love.

This counterculture didn’t align with capitalism. Who was going to go to Vietnam to protect our imperialist doctrine and military industrial complex? So, the government criminalized psychedelics and shut down related research.

But just in the past decade, that research is reemerging. Some psychedelics are being used as treatment for substance abuse and other ailments. I’m excited that things are looking up and there’s potential for people to explore themselves as more deregulation happens.

So embrace yourself and your multidimensionality! When you’re ready to add “future millionaire” to describe yourself, book a call with me!

Let’s build wealth and use this capitalist system to our advantage.

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