Episode 37 – How To Use a Be Patient When Building Wealth

Be Patient When Building Wealth

I’ve never made more than 45k, but I’m investing at the six figure level, traveling the world, and helping BIPOC build massive amounts of wealth. It really comes down to being patient with myself and asking for help.

Listen to this podcast episode to hear 2 of my amazing clients’ investing wins (Like Gloria and her necklace biz!!) and to learn about the small, consistent steps I’ve taken on my wealth building journey, whether it’s paying off my biz credit card or selling stock in my brokerage account to fund my life.

Brokerage accounts can help you live your best life by helping you sell stock to fund short term and long term expenses. The great thing about brokerage accounts is that you have control over your money since it’s not tied to retirement. You can make withdrawals when the time is right for you. You can use it as a tool to save towards a large future purchase or a short term expense.

I’m hosting my next investing masterclass on brokerage accounts in less than 24 hours (4/27!). Listening after this? I’ll have the recording up. Get it and learn about 1:1 coaching here.

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Listen to my podcast episode #37 on being patient when building wealth here.

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