Episode 46 – From Queer Sri Lankan Immigrant to LA Real Estate Owner with Gaya Wadu

From Queer Sri Lankan Immigrant to LA Real Estate Owner with Gaya Wadu

Today to celebrate pride, I have my good friend, Gaya Wadu join us. Gaya and I met at the Aqua Girl queer pool party in Miami Beach in 2019, and we’ve been partying it up at the Dinah Shore queer pool party in Palm Springs every year since. Gaya is a queer immigrant from Sri Lanka and lives in Los Angeles.

She’s an advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities and resources developer, and she advocates for investing in real estate for the queer community. She loves to travel like Charly.

Listen to this interview to learn all about how she grew up in Sri Lanka and The Seychelles, why she calls LA her home, and she shares her real estate purchasing strategies. You can find Gaya twerking in West Hollywood on the weekends and on facebook at Gaya Wadu.

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