Episode 48 – Stocks Are Sexy and So Is Doubling Your Business Revenue w/ Gloria Malone

Stocks Are Sexy and So Is Doubling Your Business Revenue w/ Gloria Malone

On this episode, I chat with my money coaching client and Aries Goddess, Gloria Malone, about how she’s doubled her business revenue month to month since launching her own business in January of 2023. Listen to learn about what mindset shifts she’s made on her wealth building journey, as well as how she’s balanced running her own businesses while maxing out her 9-5 job benefits.

Gloria was one of my first clients when I first started my money coaching business 3 years ago. I had no idea how much my biz would take off at the time, but I knew after quitting my stock broker job that I wanted to help LGBTQ+/BIPOC understand how to set their retirement accounts up correctly. In 2020, Gloria realized that her 401(k) from her new job wasn’t invested and was going straight to cash, losing value to inflation. We changed the $1,000 in her 401(k) to get invested, and it doubled in about a month. She’s maxing out her Roth IRA too.

She’s enjoying beach vacations with her kid while also making sure her future self is set. Doing both is possible. So happy to work with Gloria again this year because there is ALWAYS more to work on as we shift from survival mode to thriving mode. 🤑 I love helping people understand their investments so they can move on with their badass lives and create their own businesses!

About Gloria Malone: She is an award winning communications professional who is passionate about changing narratives, naming ones self, and elevating under shared stories. You can follow her across all social media at @GloriaMalone and find her wearable affirmation jewelry shop here.

As someone who has invested over $30k in business coaching, I haven’t come across any programs that focus specifically on how the f*ck to manage your business finances. Entrepreurship is a great way to make more money and retire early, but managing your money can be overwhelming.

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  • How to be strategic with debt to grow your business
  • How to prepare for taxes instead of getting sticker shock in April
  • How to open self employed retirement accounts

Charly Stoever is a nonbinary latinx money coach helping their first gen clients become millionaires. They help clients who are making the most they’ve ever made be strategic with their investments in order to retire early. You can find them on instagram at ⁠⁠@travelercharly⁠⁠ and listen to their podcast, Unicorn Millionaire. Work with them here.

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About Charly

Charly is a formerly undocumented digital nomad helping first gen clients embody their millionaire selves. Charly’s clients go from feeling guilty and anxious about money to feeling empowered to make money moves and PLAY more. Learn more about 1:1 money coaching and subscribe to the newsletter here.

The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. Charly is all about changing that and making our community wealthy AF!

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