Episode 53 – From Loving Living in Puerto Rico to Traveling to Egypt with Bianca Alba

From Loving Living in Puerto Rico to Traveling to Egypt with Bianca Alba

I met Bianca Alba from This Latina Travels at the Our Money Our Power Summit in Puerto Rico in June, and we bonded over our love for travel and community. Listen to this episode to learn about her journey in living in Puerto Rico, how she’s building wealth, and traveling the world.

Bianca is a proud Latina and first-generation college graduate. She was born in the heart of South America in Cochabamba, Bolivia and is the oldest of four sisters. Bianca holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Public Health. Despite many years of schooling, Bianca managed to pay off all her student loans and feels liberated by being debt-free.

Bianca is the voice and creator of “This Latina Travels!” – A podcast about travel through the eyes of a First Generation Latina traveler/college grad sharing all her travel experiences first-hand! As a little girl, living in a single-parent household, trips and vacations were just a dream and felt unreachable. This Latina Travels is more than just Bianca telling you about her experiences, but it is a true reflection that dreams can become reality! To date, Bianca has traveled to 6 of the 7 continents in the world and her goal is to encourage and support women who look like her to travel the world too!

Website: ⁠https://www.thislatinatravels.com/⁠

Podcast: ⁠This Latina Travels⁠

Instagram: ⁠@thislatinatravels⁠

Tiktok: ⁠@ThisLatinaTravels

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