Episode 44 – Money Myths and Tips with Tamarindo Podcast

Money Myths and Tips with Tamarindo Podcast

Last year I recorded an episode on Money Myths with Tamarindo Podcast, and the replay is up! Listen to the episode replay on Spotify here and on Apple podcasts here to get the tea on lessons learned from toxic relationships: with money, ourselves, and in dating.

Tamarindo is hosting Money Chisme, a safe and inclusive space to talk money and get a money mindset reset with our favorite money coach, Charly Stoever (they/them), the host of the unicorn millionaire podcast. Join us July 20th at The Pop-Hop in Highland Park, Register for as little as $1 at tamarindopodcast.com/events.

Thank you to our event hosts, The Pop-Hop, an independent bookshop and creative learning space that amplifies marginalized voices, supports community growth, and empowers collective good works to build a healthier, more equitable neighborhood

We are replaying this episode where Ana Sheila and Charly address possibly our most toxic relationship: the one we have with money. Nonbinary, Latinx money coach, Charly Stover, joins to unpack whats behind this toxicity and how we can transform our relationship with money and wealth.

About our guest: Charly Stoever is a nonbinary latinx money coach helping their first gen clients become millionaires. They’re a formerly undocumented Mexican American and ex stock broker who is dedicated to helping their community build wealth. This is their mission because when we have all the money Elon Musk has, we’ll be saving the planet instead of building rocket ships to escape it. They are 

This episode of Tamarindo features music from the band Making Movies from theiralbum XOPA Learn more about them: https://www.makingmovies.world/about

MItu’s “Spill the Chisme”

Check out Ana Sheila on the latest episode of Mitu’s Gameshow , “Spill the Chisme” 

Happy Pride month! Ana Sheila will be leading a session at “The Power of Queer Joy – A multi-sensory experience to induce joy for LGBTQ” hosted by Babes Of Wellness. This event is happening on Jun 25, 2023 from 10-2pm at Babes Of Wellness in Compton, Ca.

“The Power of Queer Joy” is an event that transcends boundaries, embraces diversity, and celebrates the unabashed, unapologetic delight of the queer experience. Join us as we revel in the transformative power of somatic dance, the wonder of seed planting, the evocative voices of poetry, the nourishment of community connection, and the allure of our vibrant vendor market.

Get tickets HERE!

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