Solo travel in Taiwan is great

I’ve just spent two weeks in Taipei, with Pride to finish it off, and I still didn’t see it all even though I was alone and had plenty of time to explore. I chose Taiwan as the first stop of my Asia travels because it was the first country to legalize same sex marriage.

I feel safe here as a queer person, and a human in general. I’ve never felt so consistently safe and calm as I have here. The last time I felt this safe in a country was when I went to Japan in 2013 (another great country to try out the solo travel experience).

When I first got here, I couldn’t believe the trust people have in each other. People don’t lock their bicycles and leave their umbrellas outside of stores without fear of them getting stolen. And it’s been raining A LOT here.

I don’t feel like I have to be hyper vigilant of getting my things like my phone stolen, or of people taking advantage of me being a tourist who doesn’t speak Chinese. I also like not getting stared at. For the most part people are just minding their own business. If I need help though, they’re quick to help and will pull up Google translate to help teach me how to say “bathroom.”

So far as a gender nonconforming person, I haven’t had issues using public restrooms, which is really nice. The only random comment a stranger has thrown at me has been “Welcome.” šŸ¤£

10/10 recommend for solo travelers. The hardest part has been the feelings of isolation and loneliness. I can’t speak with strangers like I’m used to doing in countries where I speak the language. But apps likeĀ Couchsurfing have helped me meet people. I’m grateful to be here.

And no, I still don’t know how long I’ll be here. I’m all about that one way ticket life. I’ll leave when it’s time (and before the 90 day visa ends). For now, I will keep enjoying my solo travel experience in Taiwan.

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