Episode 55 – Twerk Your Way to a 7 Figure 401(k)

Twerk Your Way to a 7 Figure 401(k)

Want your 401(k) to work for YOU instead of the other way around? Listen to this episode to learn all about how to keep your life simple when rolling over your old employer 401(k), how to understand what you’re looking at when you log into your 401(k) portal, and how to use this account to retire early with tax free growth.

If you want to learn more, join me, your twerking money coach, for a free online webinar that’s all about taking the stress out of your 401(k) and using it to become an anticapitalist multimillionaire who wants to give back. Unleash your financial power and let’s pave the path to early retirement and true financial freedom together! 💰🎉

🔑 Key Takeaways From My class on 8/31:

1️⃣ Master Your 401(k): Learn easy strategies to supercharge your retirement savings and make your 401(k) work harder for YOU. We will talk rollovers, how much to contribute, and wtf to actually invest in.

2️⃣ Leave Your Job Sooner: Learn how your 401(k) can help you retire early and pursue your passions with confidence.

3️⃣ Unleash Your Inner Unicorn Millionaire: Walk away empowered to build generational wealth and leave an impact in your community

Get ready to twerk your way to a life of abundance and empowerment.🚀

Join my masterclass HERE on Thursday, August 31st at 9am pt/12pm et!

About Charly

Charly is a formerly undocumented digital nomad helping first gen clients embody their millionaire selves. Charly’s clients go from feeling guilty and anxious about money to feeling empowered to make money moves and PLAY more. Work 1:1 with them here.

The language of money seems intimidating because it’s designed to exclude those who are not familiar with it. Charly is all about changing that and making our community wealthy AF!

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