Episode 39 – Millionaire Mindset Exercise

Your Millionaire Mindset exercise is the second stage of the Millionaire Treasure Map. I cover this in my 2nd meeting with my clients. This tool helps them for the rest of their lives. I know because I use it daily.

I’m not constantly researching new stocks.

I AM constantly working on my money mindset.

The way you think and feel about money has an impact in the choices you make. Not just with finances but in other areas of your life as well. Helping you shift the way you think about money is one of my favorite things about being a money coach. In my one-on-one coaching program, we dig into your personal history with money.

How was money talked about (or NOT discussed) in your home growing up?

What are your feelings about money today?

Getting into the details helps us figure out some of the WHY behind our decisions. as a coach, I help my clients get over limiting beliefs that may no longer apply to their aligned selves. My job is to help you feel confident about your finances and take actionable steps to achieve your money goals. Money mindset matters in that it helps you build confidence. This confidence can also transcend into other areas of your life. ā 

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