Episode 41 – Queer Dating & Money with @KeLindaEres

Queer Dating & Money

Happy Pride month!! Today I’m pumped to have Kelly aka @KeLindaEres on to chat all about dating, money, and manifesting our ideal partners. Both of us share red, yellow, and green flags when it comes to dating and money conversations. At the time of this recording, both of us are single, and this conversation shows you that when you’re single is THE time to really reflect on your dating life, past patterns, and what you want. Having the right partner(s) is an investment that not only affects your money but your happiness and trajectory of your LIFE.

Today’s guest, Kelly Zúñiga, is a Latina life coach who helps other women of color let go of the life they think they’re supposed to live to design their unique path through personal, professional, and financial freedom. She is the co-founder of the 90 Day Money Empowerment Program and provides 1:1 coaching to women who are navigating transitions in their lives: from career fulfillment to personal changes to transforming their relationship with money. Kelly is a daughter of immigrants born to Mexican parents in Los Angeles. When she is not working on passion projects, you can find her hiking or exploring a new country. Her community on IG @KeLindaEres empowers womxn to live authentically and thrive. Want to be a part of it? ⁠Sign up for her mailing list here⁠.

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