Episode 42 – Money Coach vs. Financial Advisor: Which one’s best for you?

Money Coach vs. Financial Advisor: Which one’s best for you?

Wondering what the difference is between myself, a money coach and a financial advisor? If you’ve googled the difference, you might see this answer: “A financial advisor is a professional who can help you develop your investment strategy and long-term financial plans. A financial coach is someone who can help you reach near-term goals by providing financial education and showing you better ways to manage your money.”

On today’s episode, I share how I was on track to become a financial advisor, and why I decided I didn’t want to manage rich people’s money for them. I quit my job as a stock broker because I wanted to help first gen, LGBT/BIPOC with their mindsets first AND I want them to manage their own money. In my opinion, financial advisors profit off of your ignorance.

They’re not down with helping you with your limiting beliefs/mindset. They get paid to manage your own money or understand it because you’re too scared to do it. I share how I’m a great stepping stone toward one day hiring a financial advisor so that you can actually understand WTF you’re paying them to do with your investments.

Miss the “Job hop your way to early retirement” class on 6/1? Watch the replay here.

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