Financially Independent

Being financially independent gives you options. You can choose to retire early, scale back to working part time, start your own business, or really anything you want. You gain time and mental freedom by not having to stress about making enough money to pay your living expenses. And you have the freedom to design your life how YOU choose.

It’s a unique and wonderful lifestyle. And sometimes I forget that this concept is novel to many people.

Recently while traveling in Taiwan, I had a fun interaction while renting a scooter.

The owner asked me: “Are you on vacation or retired?”

Me: “Yes, I’m on vacation, but I work for myself, so I work when I want…I’m like…’young retired.'”

Him: “Yeah, you’re too young to be retired.” 🤣

This is what being financially independent looks like!

Five years ago, when I was hustling my butt off and underpaid, I got help.

I learned how to invest to become financially independent because I didn’t want 65 year old me to be struggling.

I had no idea that 32 year old me would already be traveling the world and going where I want, when I want. But here I am. Working remotely while twerking my way around the world.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rosy. As a solo traveler/twerker, I’m still having occasional anxiety attacks about earthquakes rerouting my trips in Taiwan and feeling bouts of loneliness. But then I do things like rent my first scooter ever and blast Led Zeppelin from my phone like a BADASS going 35 mph along the southern coast of Taiwan, and I forget the negative feelings. Doing that was so much fun even though I was nervous about it at first! 

Someone also asked me if I moved abroad permanently, and then I thought: Nothing is permanent.

I used to think that I had to stay in the US forever but gave up that belief in 2020 when I moved back to Mexico to get my Social Impact MBA remotely. Being in Mexico was my comfort zone. I was born in Mexico and am fluent in Spanish (I recorded an entire podcast episode in Spanish about being anticapitalist). At the time, I also thought that move was going to be permanent. But after a year in Mexico, I realized I wanted to get back to exploring new countries.

I’m currently traveling in Southeast Asia and love being abroad! I’ve also been seriously considering property in the US since they have first time homeowners programs and property values appreciate so much more there. It would be nice to have a home base that I can come back to. And I would definitely rent it out when I’m away because there is too much to see in this lifetime.

Being financially independent is a game changer for sure. And something that may not seem realistic, but it is with consistent belief and discipline!

When you’d like help reaching financial independence to travel the world and live your life on your terms, book a call with me to get started with 1:1 coaching!

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