Episode 7 -Q&A: GTFO of the US

I share tips on things to think about when planning your move out of the US. As a digital nomad, financial freedom is the number one reason I’m able to travel where I want to go, when I want to go. I talk about how to make friends and stay safe when traveling/living abroad as well as the cost of living and things to budget for.

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Episode 7 – Q&A GTFO of the US

Podcast Transcript Below

Hey y’all. How’s it going? I’m Traveler Charly. I’m a non-binary Latinx money coach, helping my first gen clients become millionaires, and I’m the host of the Unicorn Millionaire Podcast. Today I wanted to do this IG Live Q&A session because a lot of people have been asking me how I’ve been able to do it.

How have I been able to get out of the U.S.? It’s no surprise that a lot of us are feeling very jaded and disillusioned and overwhelmed right now. Especially not because of that, especially because of what happened with the ROE versus Wave overturned. I know Joe Biden issued an executive order to combat that, but it’s really ridiculous that we’ve retroceded so much in the past 50 years instead of going forward in time, it feels like we’re moving back in time.

And I personally have never had an abortion. I don’t think I ever will, but the fact that this is affecting people who are able to, and not just women, cuz trans men can get pregnant too. The fact that they’re rolling back these rights for women is something that’s scary for myself as a marginalized person, as a queer person, because I just know that next on the chopping block, LGBT rights like gay marriage, which was barely legalized in the US in 2015.

So it’s no surprise that a lot of people are thinking of their options and possibilities in terms of just getting out of the US. And I remember when people were joking when Trump was running for presidency that if he would win, people would jokingly say that they would just move to Canada. But I’m just like, why would you move there?

I hate the cold. I love the idea of socialized healthcare cuz the bar is so low as an American, we’re literally in the most expensive medical system in the wealthiest country in the world. But if you have other options besides going to Canada, No shame on Canada. I just can’t deal with colder weather, anything colder than 70 degrees.

I’m not into that. So if y’all have questions, go ahead and put your questions in the chat here and I’ll answer them as we go. But I wanna talk and address different topics so that you feel prepared and less overwhelmed in case you’re thinking about leaving the US.

And the first thing I’ll say is that I’m recording in Washington DC. I was living in Mexico for a year and a half. I got the fuck out when COVID was hitting in November of 2020, and I got a full ride to get my MBA at the Heller School because I had done the Peace Corps and I decided to leave because to me, it didn’t make sense to pay the overpriced US rent when I could be in Mexico as a dual citizen.

Chilling by the beach and it was the best decision that I ever made. And I did that not knowing a single person in Mexico. I just googled, uh, best places for digital nomads to live in Mexico. I’d been to Tulum before, but it’s overpriced. We, you all the Tuluminatis and the LA bougie people and the New Yorkers flying in and partying and doing their raves and getting mojito there is just as expensive as it is in New York.

Cancun. I didn’t personally like the vibe cuz it also just felt like another version of Las Vegas by the beach. So I settled with Play Del Carmen and I stayed there for year and a half. I left Mexico in May to just come back to the US because I missed my friends and I wanted to reconnect with folks. And I’ve been in DC for about a month now.

Not only am I having fun partying it up, going Bachata brunch, which I’m wearing this beautiful tie dye two piece suit that I bought at Tar Gay yesterday, but I’m also dog sitting. I’m recording this episode in the apartment of a lovely couple who asked me to watch their Labrador mix, and I love it because I can get work done.

I can do IG live, record podcasts, but also cuddle and snuggle with dogs and cats and just curl up and read a book when I want nothing to do with screen. But I’m in the US because I chose to be knowing that at any point I can leave again, which comes to my first most important piece. If you’re thinking about getting out of the US, the most important thing is money.

You have to have your finances in order, in order to leave. That’s what gave me the ability and the confidence to leave the US is having invested in a brokerage. And I’m actually doing a master class. You can still sign up for that, a master class on investing at the six figure level and brokerage accounts this Wednesday the 13th, to learn more about investing.

That’s really what gave me the confidence in the ticket to be able to say, No, I don’t feel like being in the US right now. I’m gonna move to Mexico for my sanity. And financial freedom was the number one most important thing, and it continues to be the most important reason why I’m still able to be able to travel from place to place with the one way ticket life and go as I please, and literally, if I don’t feel like being somewhere I can leave because I have my finances in order.

Not only do I have an investments and savings, I have my passive income streams, I have my own money coaching business, and I’m dog sitting on the side to bring in cash. Well, everybody else was freaking out about the recession and the stock market, I came to the US to work in a very non-demanding job.

I’ve built my references up. I was able to raise my prices being here and demand is as strong as ever if people are still going on vacations and they want their pets to be taken care of. So I’m literally taking advantage of every single opportunity I have instead of feeling scared or guilty about my money not doing the right thing.

And this is exactly what I help my first gen clients do move from the guilt and being scared and not understanding to making actions and strategizing and investing thousands of dollars in the stock market, in our own businesses and just in our lives overall. So having your finances in order, I can’t tell you how important that was, at least for me, in order to feel confident enough to get the fuck out of the USA, at least for a little bit.

And if I wanna come back, that’s cool. Last year I did come back to the US for a bit, uh, in September. I had just gone through a really intense breakup. I was in Peru for three months, Columbia for a month, and then I came back to the US to get vaccinated. Because I still was not able to, for somebody in my age group, I wasn’t able to get vaccinated in South America.

They hadn’t rolled out the vaccines for foreigners and people in my age group so far, at least not in Peru. Um, so I went to the US to get vaccinated and I went to the Dinosaur Festival in Palm Springs in California to just party it up. And be with other queer people and just have fun, and that was the best decision I made at the time.

And again, having money, savings and investments, and continuing to invest in my business is what allowed me to just go enjoy the festival. And then I went by one way ticket again last minute from Los Angeles to Orlando, and I went to Girls in Winterland, another LGBT festival, and I met up with my friend, the Latina investor Araceliz, I love you, I miss you.

And I met her in person for the first time. So I can’t stress enough how important to have your finances in order. And if you wanna work with a coach who will help you be accountable for six months and walk you through all the steps, the money mindset, credit card points hacking, investing in the stock market, investing in massive, massive, could be massive in passive income streams.

Book a call at the link in my bio to learn more about one-on-one coaching. You can also sign up to attend my master class this Wednesday to learn about investing in brokerage accounts, cuz in that class I’ll talk about how I sell. To pay for my bills and pay for my life. I invest in the long term. So for decades I plan to invest in that brokerage account, but I also sell thousands of dollars of stock to pay for my short term expenses.

So that’s what’s great about a brokerage account. You can use it as a retirement account, but you can also use it to pay your bills in addition to other sources of income. And having an emergency fund is important. So we’ll just normalize talking about all that in my master. Or if you’d prefer to just work one on one with me, that’s cool too.

I am taking clients for my six month coaching program. So having your finances in order is, in my opinion, the most important way for you to get started in looking at where you’re gonna leave. Might not have to be Mexico, it could be another country. You might have been researching another country, um, to move to potentially.

And you’re not crazy for doing that. The US makes you feel like you’re crazy for wanna leave sometimes and the media doesn’t help with that. And people will say, oh, you’re so brave, or you’re crazy for leaving. And I was made to feel that way even though Mexico is right next door. And um, I was like, yeah, I guess I’m crazy, but like it just makes sense for me to do this and I’m a Mexican citizen, so let me try it out.

If it doesn’t work out, you can always come back, but at least you know you’ve tried. Right? So that financial freedom, financial independent is super important when you’re thinking about leaving. I will say though, that the US is an extremely expensive country for what you get. Just being here in the US I have not paid a cent in rent and that was my objective.

I was like, the US is overpriced. I’m not trying to pay rent out here cause it’s overpriced. How can I live my best life and not pay? So that’s why I’ve been house sitting all around DC. There’s massive demand for that. And I’ve also been staying with very supportive friends who understand my journey, who’ve been letting me just stay with them for a couple days out of time.

So I’m really grateful for my community for letting me do that. So, um, so yeah, that, what was I trying to say?

I totally blanked. I was talking about rent. Um, Oh yeah, I was just talking about how it’s, it’s cheaper when you leave the us. Um, yeah. I remember even just traveling to Europe and going to see a doctor and paying out of pocket to, to see doctors. It was just so much cheaper than even paying to see a doctor with an insurance.

The US is so expensive, like I’m probably paying off the same amount on my credit card just on grocery than I was living in Mexico paying for rent and groceries, like in Mexico. I remember spending $30 at a time, and that was for like bougie wine and cheese, like set up my meals for like four or five days, maybe even a week.

And, and now I go to the grocery store here and, and the same amount of money is for literally like lasts me two days here and I cook my own meals. Uh, I don’t really buy much alcohol. Um, Yeah, just like the cost of living is so much more expensive and in DC I bought an annual bike pass that was $95 versus one of those city bike passes is $20 a year.

So once you leave the US, especially if you go to Latin America, even some European countries like Spain, just the cost of living is less than in the US. I can’t think of a country that has more expensive. Just like rent, uh, that I’ve been to maybe Japan, the Scandinavian countries are, are more expensive too.

But in general, as soon as I’ve booked an Airbnb in places like Colombia or Latin America, it’s just been so much more reasonable than Airbnbs in the us. So once you get out of the matrix, at least from my experience, the cost of living has been lower. Again, that depends on the country that you’re choosing to go to.

If you’re trying to move to Denmark, things are probably not gonna be as cheap. However, the healthcare system, the high taxes, that something is kind of included in higher taxes. Countries like Denmark, Scandinavian countries, you’re paying a premium, but you can also access things like free healthcare.

So when you, you move to country, you might wanna think about visas and residency and how you’re gonna stay there. But I recommend that you just travel, especially if you’re thinking about moving to a country. If you’ve never been to that country before, it makes sense to just travel, depending on the visa situation, and staying there for a couple weeks or a couple months until the tourist visa runs out and you can go back home or, or border, hop to a different country, uh, and, and see that situation because getting a visa residency is a serious endeavor and you have to wanna to, to pay money to do it. Maybe hire a lawyer or go to grad school or get a job that will sponsor you for your visas. This isn’t something that I specialize a lot in.

I moved to Mexico since I’m a dual citizen. I have both citizenships. I was undocumented until I was 14 in the US. I was sworn in at TD garden in Boston to get my US citizenship when I was 21, even though I lived in the US since I was three. Um, so I’m not too, I’ve never really applied for a, a visa other than when I studied abroad in France but I had the excuse that I was studying abroad there, and it was easy to get a student visa that lasted me like six months when I went there.

Somebody who you might wanna reach out to and has a program for people who I’ve taken her course is Vanessa from WanderOnwards. She has a course, a group course for people who are tired of the bullshit in the US and are looking to get out.

And it’s really nice to have a safe space to be with other people, mostly by BIPOC who are tired of the racism and oppression and cis heteronormative white supremacy in the US to just have a safe space to brainstorm and hear other people who are also tired of this ish and also wanna get out. When I first started her group course, I was thinking about getting my MBA in Spain, in Barcelona, because I love Barcelona.

I love that you can hear different languages when you walk down the street. I’ve been there twice. Very queer friendly, which is important for me to take into account. Okay, so, so like I was saying, I thought about going to Barcelona to study, but it turned MBAs are not cheap, at least not the ones that I was looking into in Barcelona.

They were not cheap. Some programs, like the ones that were famous that I’d heard of other people doing were like a hundred thousand dollars, and I was like, this is way too expensive. So that’s why I was looking into getting a US based MBA, but I was like, I’m only gonna do this if I can get a fat scholarship or a full ride.

So I got a full ride, so I didn’t have to worry about that. By the luck of the draw, it was COVID I had a knowing that we would be stuck in this whole pandemic cuz the government wasn’t doing anything. And I just had this knowing that I’d get my entire MBA for a year and a half completely remotely. And it ended up being true.

I didn’t set foot on campus until after I graduated and I’m actually going, uh, glamping with some of my MBA classmates. At the end of July, we’re gonna have a bougie Airbnb in the woods with the jacuzzi. Just nice style. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So excited for that. So it’s gonna be cool to meet my classmates after having studied with them.

Um, but yeah, that, I just share this so to normalize that it’s okay that you don’t have a plan. I’m proud of myself for looking into it, for investing money in a group course in Vanessa’s, uh, I call it the Get the Fuck Out of the US Course. talking with other BIPOC folks about why they wanna leave, what countries they’re looking into, which countries are offering digital nomad visa.

There were some folks in there who were Latinx descent and who were talking about how you can get a visa to go to Spain. Cause, because Spain at least acknowledges its colonizer status. So I’ve heard that sometimes they’ll give people Latin American countries citizenship to Spain, so that it was just neat to be in a safe space and talk about the options.

Digital nomads are visas that are popping up here and there. Um, as a queer person, I also definitely wanna pay attention to queer rights. Like a lot of people talk about Bali, and I think Bali has a digital nomad visa. But I have also heard a horror story of a queer woman talking about how queer friendly Bali was but then she ended up getting deported.

I personally would love to go to Morocco. I wanna go to Iran. But these, these countries where, I don’t know, like, I don’t like using the restroom public restrooms in the US or Mexico. So in those other countries where it can be punishable by death to be queer, that makes me nervous.

So I definitely understand folks apprehensions for, for moving abroad. But I’ve had a pretty positive experience in in Mexico in Playa del Carmen, because there’s a lot of digital nomads, there’s a lot of foreigners. It’s not the biggest city, but there are a lot of tourists. And generally in places where there’s a lot of tourists, they’re more LGBT friendly and they do have a pride parade.

So that might be something useful to look into. Do these places even have pride? Or does the police like beat people up in Pride parades in this country? All valid concerns for people to have. So definitely follow at WanderOnwards if you’re looking into more of the Visa digital nomad residency questions.

She really specializes in that and I believe Vanessa, she married a German and she’s living in Germany right now and she just lives her best life traveling between countries in Europe. It’s also way cheaper to travel in between European countries. A flight from France to Italy can cost like 30 euros.

At least that’s how much it was when I was there. Once you get there, just the cost of so many things is cheaper. The quality of the food is better. The US does not regulate food like we’re eating crap in the US and in Europe, they actually have higher standards for a lot of things than in the US.

Making friends. That’s something that people have been cautious about. So I’ll say that you have to put yourself out there, just like if you’re in the US you have to put yourself out there if you wanna make new friends. You become the people that you surround yourself the most with and especially the older you get.

I feel like the harder it is to make friends, because we also get picky. When we’re middle school, we’re just like friends with whoever. Cuz we don’t understand boundaries. We don’t know how friendships work like now, but the older we get, the more expectations we have about what healthy friendships look like and having shared interests and values as well. Those are important.

I definitely recommend downloading the Couch Surfing app. The annual membership is pretty affordable. It’s like three bucks a month, used to be free, but when COVID hit, they decided to start charging money. Uh, some people are salty about it, but I’ve literally saved thousands of dollars, like using couch surfing, um, getting hosted for free.

Cause I’ve been at 30 countries and I’m 31, and, uh, I’ve never made more than $60k working for myself. I’ve made more money working for myself than I have for working at the nine to five. Um, So yeah, download the Couch Surfing app. You don’t have to just use it to, to find a couch surfing host that will host you for free. You can also use it, uh, turn on the couch Surfing Meetups feature.

It’s kind of like Tinder and unfortunately some sketchy ass, mostly cis straight men use it like Tinder. But aside from that, I’ve used that to make friends like you see who’s online, and then you can say, I’m looking to grab drinks with somebody or go to the Pride Festival.

I’ll put like rainbow flags next to what I’m doing to show people that I’m hella gay that I’m not interested in just like hooking up with cis men. And that’s something I’ve had to clarify in my couch surfing profile that has triggered like cis hit men. Some men have been like, why are you putting that you’re not interested in dating men?

You don’t have to put that. And like, it’s exactly because of what you’re saying and you’re triggered. So there can be some sketchy ass cis men on couch surfing. But aside from that, I’ve met some amazing friends, lifelong friends, uh, who I’m still in touch with. So that’s a great way to, to meet up with.

Facebook groups are also another great avenue. Depending on how young or old you are, Facebook may or may not be your jam. Um, but Facebook groups like I’ve posted in them and been like, I’m gonna travel to this country. Does anybody know anybody here and get connected that way? Or I’ll just post on my Facebook status – I’m traveling to this country for these dates. Does anybody know anybody there? And just literally publicize the shit out of wherever I’m going for connection purposes to meet people, but also for personal safety purposes. Cuz I’m not close to my nuclear family. I don’t talk to them or really see them. So if something happens to me, it’s literally the, the bread crumb trail is on online, on Facebook.

So that’s also why I post frequently about where I am for safety reasons, uh, and to let people know, um, what else Facebook groups. WhatsApp groups. So from my experience when I moved to Playa del Carmen there was a bunch of WhatsApp groups for people of different interests to meet up. When I moved there, somebody added me to the Women of Playa WhatsApp group.

Even though I did not identify as a woman, I identify as non-binary and I probably confused a lot of people in the group cuz I pass is a male until I open my voice. People think I’m a dude, especially since I got top surgery. Um, so, but I stayed in that group and, and people were asking all kinds of things like, where do I go to get my downstairs waxed? Or does somebody know a quiet place where I can get work done here? And then one of the person was like, is there an LGBT WhatsApp group I can be added to? And I was like that’s the question I’ve been waiting for. And then they post a link to another group, so, So I was definitely part of several different LGBT WhatsApp groups for people to, to meet up.

And these groups are huge. There were hundreds of people in them, so it was through word of mouth that people were traveling through, mostly nomadically and were in town for a couple days, weeks, or months, and they would just introduce themselves and, and state their hobbies and what they’re interested in doing.

So my jam in Playa del Carmen was going to karaoke. Uh, Club Soia on Friday nights. Uh, I wasn’t really a big fan of karaoke, but I liked the ambient. That’s where I would, I would literally say, Hey, I’m going to karaoke tonight. Who wants to join? And then other nomads or tourists or people traveling through would join.

And so that’s also a way of connecting with people, seeing if there’s WhatsApp groups wherever you’re trying to. Another concern, especially if you’re LGBT, if you’re queer or if you’re a woman. Basically, if you’re not a cis white man, safety is another issue. So for me, I just make sure to, like I said, tell people where I’m going, country wise and stuff like that.

Um, to not walk the streets alone at night, but in Playa del Carmen the environment, I felt pretty safe. I will say that there were some like random narco shootings there, but it’s not like the mass shootings that there are in the US of like random, angry, racist cis white men storming a Walmart parking lot and shooting 40 brown people in Mexico.

It was more like the narcos got into fights with each other or somebody that was messing wrongfully, so with the narcos like one or two people got shot. So I was, I still felt safer, honestly in Mexico and then in the US. There’s not such a racially charged environment there, and there’s a ton of BIPOC folks, a lot of black people who escaped both Canada and the US for Mexico, because they didn’t feel like the police were racially profiling them.

You didn’t really hear of things like white policeman kneeling and choking black folks to death. There. So it was really cool to, to see other BIPOC folks just be able to enjoy life there without worrying so much about being racially profiled just for being of color there. So, um, yeah, letting people know where you’re going, especially if you’re not a cis straight white men walking alone at night in the streets.

Caution against that Taxis. Uh, I speak fluent Spanish, so I never really had an issue with taxis. Of course, they try to overcharge me sometimes, but I always would ask them, I’m going from here to here, how much is it? And if the price was too high, I would just say no onto the next one and get a new taxi.

It was as simple as that. I wasn’t trying to fight them or get personally insulted or, or anything, and sometimes I would just pay it because it was still cheaper to get pay for a $5 taxi for the same distance as it would to pay a $30 Uber in Nashville. Um, but I used the city bikes there a lot simply it was cheaper and I loved exercising and getting around that way, and I just needed a credit card to pay for the city bikes to be able to move around.

There wasn’t really Uber there or Lyft or because the taxi syndicate, the union fought against those. Definitely understand why that collective action is there and why they hate Uber and Lyft because they take huge commissions out of folks. But personal safety wise, I’m not gonna feel guilty about that cause I’m not a corporation, I’m a human, and I have to protect and look out for myself.

So I would definitely recommend choosing Uber or Lyft over any taxi service. I’ve had sketchy situations in, in Bogota, Colombia when I was like drunk in a taxi and it was not good. So after that I used Uber, um, because there’s more accountability. You have the name of the person, the license plate, and it’s tracked and there’s customer service.

There’s just more accountability than in taxis. So that’s what I’ll say about safety. Uh, another thing is, I like the intrastate public transportation system in Mexico, a lot more. The buses, if you go from Playa del Carmen to Merida to the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula, or you can even take a bus from Playa to Mexico City, the, the buses are a lot more comfortable and cleaner than the greyhounds buses in the US. And sometimes they’ll even, they, they would even give you a snack I think before COVID.

They would, but I don’t think anymore. And there’s like, Movies playing. The seats can recline. They’re really comfy. There’s bathrooms on the bus, air conditioning. So I totally would feel safe even taking the overnight buses. Uh, back when I was a broke backpacker, I would take the overnight buses from city to city so that I wouldn’t have to spend $8 on a hostel.

Now I would not do that. Thanks to my investments in the stock market and in my business and my savings, I don’t really feel like I have to take overnight buses to save $8. So, yeah, that, that’s what I’m thinking in terms of safety. Another is just housing. Housing’s important and I am really glad that I approached it the way I did In terms of housing.

I booked a month long Airbnb and got it had good reviews. I wanted to make sure it had based off the reviews, I searched Wi-Fi cuz a lot of people, that’s their main concern also is Wi-Fi, especially if you’re digital nomad. If people said the Wi-Fi was not good, then I would not go. if I also save money booking for a month or a week.

If you do long term, you can save money with Airbnb’s. So I was like, I want to definitely book for a month because I’m also in midterms of grad school and I’m not trying to worry about where I’m gonna live when I’m taking tests to finish out my first semester. So that was a really good option. And then a lot of the times, with the landlords and you get their confidence uh, they’d rather you pay them in cash because Airbnb takes a huge chunk out of commissions. But you should definitely have them draft a lease or an agreement that’s in paper and signed and not just do word of mouth, um, to protect yourself that way. Uh, but what I liked about Mexico is that you could get a six month lease that was considered long term or a year long lease.

But it depends too. You can also probably sublet, or if you want shorter, you can just Airbnb, but then also you can scope out other, um, potential places to live once. Boots on the ground or chocos or sandals or stilettos on the ground. You can walk around and see what neighborhoods, uh, you like better. I’m a very noise sensitive person, so the hardest part of Playa, aside from the sweltering humidity and heat, even in December I was shirtless.

Another reason why I’m not there this summer, , like I’m chilling in DC people are, are like, it’s so hot and humid here. I’m like, honey, this is nothing compared to Playa del Carmen. But it’s a very noisy place to live. I was five minutes walking from the beach. I was paying like 400 bucks a month for my six month lease, and I thought I’d made it, but then it turned out to be in a very loud neighborhood.

I was in front of literally in front of a lawn mower store. So they were testing the lawn mowers and fixing them all day long. Monday through Saturday and behind me there was like an impromptu taller where Mexican folks would go and construct things like bed frames or large wooden structures and just be sawing all day long.

And there was also a really noisy parrot that I’m pretty sure was imitating its owners having sex because it would make these crazy sex noises first thing in the morning. And it’s like, I do not wanna stay here. So, I’d wear earplugs at night, but it was just loud. People would be blasting music at all hours.

Like coming to the US, I feel like I’m just resting because it’s not nearly as loud as Paya del Carmen was. Even being in Mexico City, I was like, okay, I can rest. I can breathe here. Mexico City was way quieter than Playa del Carmen. I thought that Mexico City would be like louder and chaotic cuz it’s one of the largest cities in the world, but it was still.

So definitely scope out the neighborhood before signing a year long or six month long lease wherever you’re deciding to live. Um, cost of living is another thing that I kind of touched on. I personally did not sign up for health insurance in Mexico because the out of pocket costs are so much cheaper. Some people might have different opinions.

Some people are all about the traveler’s insurance, which is probably affordable at the end of the day, but after spending thousands of dollars on emergency costs in the US, like spending a couple hundred in Mexico, For checkups wasn’t a big deal to me. Uh, I might regret this later, but it was a personal decision.

I remember going to the doctor, uh, and getting their WhatsApp and messaging them. If something was up and I could go see them like the same day or the next day, pay 30 bucks up front, no insurance needed. Uh, I would get my teeth cleaned for a lot cheaper, just everything out of pocket. I’d go to my chiropractor also 30 bucks.

And I’d get, uh, adjustments every month. I’d also get weekly beach massages. That was my treat yourself for working for myself and working hard and being disciplined and having my own business and making a social impact. That was my treat myself thing. Every week I’d go to the beach and get a massage for like 30 bucks.

And do that, just literally everything is cheaper in Mexico unless you’re trying to get fancy ass imported electronics. Like I wanted some Bose, no noise canceling headphones, but those were a little too expensive. Now that I’m here, I might invest on the little noise canceling earbuds because traveling so much. Uh, I would definitely prioritize having the little noise canceling earbuds over the big things that take up so much more space in my luggage. So all about minimizing stuff and parting ways with things and not having attachments to physical objects. I can move forward and my future self.

What else? Uh, I’ve also been asked if my clients are US based. Yes. So my clients are US based with money coaching. Sometimes I’ll get DMs from folks who are not American asking about my money coaching. And unfortunately, I have helped some folks, but because I have stockbroker experience specifically in the US financial system and the US stock market, that’s what I help my clients with.

I help them understand capitalism, the US system, how public policy and money are just like tied together. But yeah, and I also have clients who are American who are living abroad too, and they have to deal with foreign taxation. So I help them come up with a budget. One of my clients had a surprise $50,000 tax bill from her investments.

And she said that thanks to the work that we had done together, if she hadn’t been working with me, she would’ve had a heart attack with a $50,000 tax bill. But because my work is very mindset based, we also deal with the numbers. We created that sense of safety for her, for her to just budget for the next tax bill so that it’s not a surprise and not as scary.

So yeah, my clients are US based. I have helped people, like my cousin, I helped her with money mindset for a bit, but for my six month coaching program, so far it’s been US citizens who have, or people who have social security numbers so they can invest in the US stock market.

I hope this has helped you give more insight about the possibilities and things to think about when you’re trying to get the fuck out of the US and you can always come back.

Is the beauty of it, like I’m literally recording this after having been in the US for over a month. I didn’t think that I’d be having such a fun time out here, but it’s popping and I’m having a great time, but I can also leave whenever I want to. I might go to Baja, California in mid-August for the Baja Beach Fest Festival there, but I still haven’t bought my ticket, but it’s okay.

That’s why I have my investments and financial freedom, so I decide to book my Airbnb and my ticket. I can just do that. So, yeah, I hope this has helped. I’m gonna put up the podcast recording soon, and don’t forget to sign up for my investing in my brokerage accounts, uh, masterclass to learn about investing in those, because investing in a brokerage account gives me the financial freedom to be able to say no to things, no to people, no to jobs, and yes to more flights, jobs and the pets, animals, parties that do serve me. And, and, and the whole point of all of this is to have fun. At the end of the day, the point of life isn’t just to make money and buy shit, it’s to make money and to have fun and to help others. So don’t feel guilty about also socially conscious investing.

Cause that’s something that I know a lot of you are feeling guilty about and you’re letting that stop you from investing in the stock market. You feel guilty for investing in these US corporations, but let me break it to you. This is the capitalistic system that we’ve inherited against our will. We don’t have the option to invest in non-profits or things that help the planet for the same passive income return.

So while we’re here, why not learn about how to use the system that we’ve inherited, learn about how to be tax efficient. And then like me, my goal is to just sell out of all these investments in these white men corporations. And invest in mutual aid in my own community and my own business in, in our own communities and build wealth that way.

So if you’re interested in working one on one, I’ll put the link in the show notes to this podcast and to my investing masterclass. So I’ll go ahead and sign up for that. And the link to my podcast is, is in my, I so check that out. All right, have a great day everybody. Bye.

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